Calling All Indian Doctors!

As you know, my parents are doctors. Mom is a radiologist and dad is a general surgeon.  My brothers and I all went the way of the law though. When medicine turned HMO back in the day, my parents said that it was less about the patients, more about the insurance, and just generally less gratifying as a result. So we kids all turned to law (A doctor’s worst nightmare!! Insert lawyer joke and med/mal joke, in particular here).

Though I will admit that I thought I wanted to be an OB-GYN for a spell. So in college dad arranged for me to see a live birth while I was home on fall break. Worst.decision.ever.  Of course the birth I witnessed was a teenage mom. She and her b-friend were so underage, that he wasn’t even allowed in the delivery room. So her irate mother was there with her (Nothing like walking into that family dynamic. “Hi, I’m some spoiled, daddy’s little girl who *thinks* she might want to be a doctor one day.  Mind if I watch you push this baby out so I can decide?” — utterly ridiculous now that I look back on it — but my coming of age years weren’t typical. I also was (actually still am) obsessed with the morbid. So when mom said her Roswell Park pathology pals wouldn’t mind sneaking me into an autopsy (when I was in high school, mind you)  — I was all for it! That was the coolest experience ever. But back to the birth….). Long story short, I watched the birth. It was horrific. I was faint. I was surprised what I puss I was. With two older brothers, I always prided myself on being tough. Ha! A little baby scared the piss out of me. So, I decided then and there that medical school was out!

Sorry for the digression. The point of all of this is that we know lots of peeps who are doctors (obvie, we’re Indian). So my parents and I spent all day on the phone with their pals (my uncles). I read and re-read my pathology report to them.  Over and over. Same story.  I pretty much have cancer down to a sound bite at this point!

Anyway, long story short. I feel even better now because I know that all will be fine. Even though I still have many tests to go before we figure out my final treatment plan, I know am lucky because I caught this early. I will kick cancer’s ass.

Theme song for this post is: Everybody was kung fu fighting…..da da da da da da dat dat daaaaaa. Too much? Egh. Screw. you. then.

3 thoughts on “Calling All Indian Doctors!

  1. Lots of positive energy and love your way! You have the best combo of badass/strong woman vassa genes + positive/resilient ghoorah genes. I know all will be ok. And I’m always here for you.

    Love you!!

  2. Hey Andrea-
    I am unsure how I have managed not to meet you yet. I am a S&D stylist, Indian and did YEARS of IVF before we adopted our daughter last year. I did the backwards Indian career thing – avoided any kind of science/pre-med/engineering through undergrad, graduated as an Englis/PoliSci major. Then decided to go into medicine (I am a PA). Just wanted to introduce myself since I have a feeling we are going to be rather intimate 😉
    Virtual hugs to you my newfound Stella/Indian/infertile sister.
    P.S. I married a white boy, did you?

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