Phone Tree

I now understand the point of phone trees. I am so sick of talking about myself and talking about cancer.  At this point my entire family knows. We spoke with everyone in my immediate family.  We had to Facetime with Chuck b/c he’s in India. It’s so funny what an old man he is — he was mesmerized by Facetime (shout out, on m’blog big bro!)!

I talked to my uncle and cousins and asked them to start the phone tree to spread the word amongst the rest of the family for me.

We still have to talk to Paul’s family. I’m waiting for him to get home from work…

In the meantime I’ve been blogging.  It’s been cathartic to get all of my thoughts out. I’m sort of disgusted with some of the crap I think about (like my outfits and worrying about whether I am making other people uncomfortable), but I suspect this is all totally normal.

I am holding off on publishing any of the posts until we’ve spoken with all of our family members. After that — I’m ripping the band-aid off and going live with this. Not sure if that is good or bad. But who really cares?

One thought on “Phone Tree

  1. I remember how overwhelming it was to inform all of my family and my husbands side of the family. Repeating the story over and over gets hard. that is how my blog came to be…a way to keep all of my family updated without have to repeat the story over and over.

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