Reality Bites, But Life Goes On

I was walking down the aisles of Bed Bath and Beyond this afternoon. The point of my trip there was to buy new shower curtain liners (What? I’m assuming we’ll have a lot of visitors over the next few months and I don’t want them showering next to gross, mildew-y curtains. Plus, I won’t be able to lift either of my arms after surgery, so I need to switch out the liners ASAP!), but I ended up buying a ton of other crap — like soap, Keurig pellets and shaving cream.  I’ve been out of shaving cream for a few weeks now. Everyday, when I’m in the shower, I make a mental note to buy more shaving cream. My poor legs have been getting abused by my Dial bar soap (which Paul says smells like the hospital (ironically)) and my lady razor (very much like the Lady Bic Pens we’ve all been hearing about lately!) lol.

So, I found myself in the toiletries aisle.  I put a regular size can of shaving cream into my basket — only to realize how wasteful that was.  So I put it back on the shelf and walked over to the travel size area — and grabbed a small can instead.  The reality of my impending chemo hit me head on — in the middle of BB&Beyond — I won’t have any hair on my body in about 6 weeks — so there is no need to buy a giant can of shaving cream. Oy.

But, as the title of my post indicates, life goes on. So, I got home, took a shower, shaved my legs and am getting ready for dinner out with my pal Shadin. A girl’s gotta eat, right?

One thought on “Reality Bites, But Life Goes On

  1. I had a similar moment when I went to buy conditioner just before starting treatment. The futility of buying an econo-sized bottle of conditioner when one is facing chemo made me break down and sob manically in the middle of Target. But I got over it.

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