This is Getting Real

We met with Dr. Hong (AKA the “plastics guy”) yesterday. I wanted to make it very clear to him that I don’t want crazy porno boobs when this is all said and done.  He assures me that I won’t have Pamela Anderson boobs, but that I will have perky ta ta’s for life (which will be better than what I currently have because, according to him, my “large C cups are already getting a little bit saggy and bottom heavy” — so rude! lol).

In any event, while we were there I took the opportunity to press them for my surgery date. They told me that Dora, Dr. Runi’s scheduler and Cora, Dr. Hong’s scheduler (seriously, how awesome is that? Dora and Cora, the surgery schedulers. Wonder if they’re related) are tentatively scheduling me for November 14th. YES! That gives me plenty of time to finish up all my errands AND Paul and I can get away to Kauai.  I just love going to Princeville on Kauai. I feel so at peace and chillaxed there. I think it will be really beneficial for us to just get away from the noise and relax, blog, hike, watch the ocean etc. It’ll get us centered for the upcoming battle.

So I woke up this morning and was feeling a little bit selfish — hell I have a whole two and a half weeks until surgery. This feels really decadent — should I have taken leave from work so soon? Well, karma answered that question for me right quick. And you all know how shitty my karma is these days. So prepare yourselves.

My surgery has officially been scheduled.  I will be going under the knife on Thursday, November 8th at 7:30 am.  But it all really will start on Wednesday the 7th because I have to go in to meet with the Nuclear guys. They will inject me with some crazy dye or radioactive something or other that will make it easy for my surgeon to locate my sentinel node (for a biopsy) on the day of surgery. Shit, shit, shit. That is soon. Crap, Kauai is probably out. Crud. I hate you cancer. I didn’t even get a vacation out of this. You suck.

5 thoughts on “This is Getting Real

  1. Andrea, I’m so sorry you can’t head out before then! Maybe this is happening just because Princeville is going to be incomprehensibly AMAZING once this is over, and you are relaxing for REAL!! In the meantime, there is no reason you can’t drink plenty of fresh & fruit cocktails. Let me know if you need help putting those together. 🙂

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