Well here we are…

Andrea’s in the OR right now – and we should have news and the surgery results in a couple hours.

I walked her down the hall to the OR at about 7:30AM….I was pretty nervous, but also very relieved that (most of) the waiting and worrying was at an end.  I gave Andrea a quick hug before she went in, and as she marched through the doors, she said….”Don’t be nervous Bubba!”  Such a champ, and so proud of her.

Just waiting now…which is the worst part.  Fortunately, Andrea’s family is all here too to keep me company – and also have a steady stream of emails and text messages to keep our spirits up.  While we all wait, I’m trying to keep busy, sending some text messages, and reading the July 2009 People Magazine that the hospital was kind enough to provide…

Will post some news as soon as we have it.  In the meantime – check out some pictures of our pre-surgery morning!

5 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. So happy that the nodes were negative and am waiting to hear from you when she is in recovery. Hope we can FACETIME when she is up to it. Love, Mom

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