We got the final pathology back from surgery. It’s all good news!

The tumor was officially 1.5 cm — which means we caught it very early, it’s Stage 1.  It is still grade 3, however, which is the very aggressive type of cancer.  The other good news is that our surgeon got clear margins and there was no cancer in the skin she took.  Finally, the lab examined every bit of the sentinel node and there was no trace of cancer anywhere — which means I can avoid radiation therapy altogether! YAY!

I had my first pre-op appointment this afternoon. The doctors said everything is looking good. Dr. Hong even removed my left Jackson-Pratt drain — THANK THE LORD! My left side has been particularly sore because that’s the side of the sentinel node removal, the tumor removal and the skin removal — a triple whammy!  We are hoping to have the right drain removed over the weekend or early next week (fingers crossed)!

I will tell you all the truth though, I got scolded by Dr. Hong. He really wants me pushing myself and lifting my arms up a lot more than I have been. I admitted to him that I’ve been going to the salon to get my hair washed and blown out. He gave me the evil eye and told me that I am perfectly capable of washing my own hair; and, as a matter of fact, it’s be good therapy for my arms to do so. SHIT. I was getting used to the salon treat every couple of days. lol

Wish me luck tonight. I’m going to attempt to wash this mop of mine!

Next step is to meet and interview three different medical oncologists (for those of you out there not up to speed with all this terminology, a medical oncologist is a chemo doctor) here in the city.  Since I am triple negative (ER, PR and Her2/Neu negative) I can’t imagine that I’ll be able to escape chemo — but one can always hope!

SIgning off for now — time to watch the Bills vs. Dolphins Thursday night game. Go Bills!

4 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. All good news so far… now for the Bills???? Jim is watching and I am still getting ready to leave FL tomorrow at 7am. Take care…

  2. Andrea that is great news. So glad to hear you caught it early. Early detection is the key. So happy for you. Keep the arms moving girl!!!

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