It’s official! I had my last drain removed this afternoon at PAMF. Yahoo! I’m not sure if I feel better or worse with them both out since I popped a vicodin and valium right after the nurse pulled it out.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing having a JP drain removed — let me tell you that they do not anesthetize you at all when they pull the thing out of you. They don’t even give you local or a numbing cream. They just yank it out.  In my pre-op class, they tried to prep us for this fact. But nothing can really prepare you for it! I’m here to tell you that it hurts like a mother. Not only does it hurt on the way out — but it continues to hurt for an hour or two afterward. Hence the need for the vicodin and valium!

I’m pretty proud that I was able to get both drains out 12 days post-op — and I by no means want to complain, but the spacers still feel really, really weird. I can’t lie on my side because of them (they have what feel like really sharp, rigid edges). I’m hoping that those edges ease up once my doctor starts filling them up. I’ll keep you all posted.

In the meantime, it’s time to start getting excited for Thanksgiving. My brother Chuck and his wife Karen are flying in from DC and my Brother Bob and his wife Sarah are hosting at their house this year. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures!

Below is a shot of me in the waiting room earlier today — right before I had the drain taken out. Finally decided it was time to stop wearing my pajamas outside of the house! lol

Waiting Room

One thought on “Drainless

  1. You look so cute! This is an outfit your preppy brother Bobby G is sure to love. It reminds me of the day back in law school when he wanted me to dress up like him. But you have much cooler sunglasses. Add silver Oakleys and you can totally picture your brother circa 1996.

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