Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy (PT) today. I put on a makeshift workout outfit (hilarious pic below) and off we went. When I got to the PT place, they actually gave me a special top to wear — it was sort of like a wrap dress top with roomy arm holes and with velcro at both shoulders — in case the therapist needed to get in there and look around? IDK!

So, anyway, I’m there and I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself. I’ve been doing lots of stretching exercises and I’ve been pushing myself to get my arms higher than 90 degrees.  I figured I was really far along in my recovery and that they’d be super impressed with me. They weren’t — at all. lol

Most of the hour consisted of them massaging my stomach and armpits and shoulders.  The latter part was pretty uncomfortable since I am not even quite two weeks post op. But, boy did it help. They told me the point of massaging all the areas is to wake up my body and get it draining itself properly. Whatever the reason — it’s working!

They made me straighten my arms all the way up (Gaa!) against the wall and lean into the stretch. 30 seconds on each side and then repeat both sides. I swore a lot during that part — but the therapist didn’t seem to mind at all!

Next, we did some neck stretches –which felt AMAZE after all the prior pain! And we ended the session with some sort of electro-stimulating massage pads. They slapped two on my shoulders and two on my lower back and then I just laid down and got massaged (its sort of like the nail salon massage chair but WAAAAY better).

I can get used to this — and I’d better because they want to see me three times a week! Apparantely I am really tight (Shit — I truly thought I was going to impress the pants off of them! Oh well!)

I really like my PT person, her name is Julie Wong and she herself is a cancer survivor — so I feel a kinship with her — she really knows what I’m feeling and knows how hard she can/can’t push me. So I am all in!

The most surprising thing about PT is that it knocked me on my ass. I got home and slept for 2 1/2 hours! If I have to do this 3 times a week — looks like there will be a lot of sleeping going on in the Sieminski household!!!!

No, but on a serious note, if you are having a double mast you should FOR SURE do PT. My insurance happens to cover an unlimited number of sessions, which is great. I hear that some insurance companies only cover 6-8 sessions –so be it. Use all of those 6-8 sessions. You will be so thankful for it. I can tell that PT will be the key to my recovery (and pot will be the key to my surviving chemo — did anybody else see this week’s episode of Parenthood? I mean, can I get an amen on the pot front? Thank goodness I’ve already gotten my medical marijuana card!)

Alrighty, it’s dinner time over here so I have to run. tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Mybrother and sister-in-law land in a few hours — I can’t wait to see them. We are going to have some fun over the next few days! YAY!

What are you thankful for this year? I know I’m thankful for SO many things this year — but I’ll do a separate post on that later. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving to you all — gobble, gobble!


Makeshift PT Outfit

3 thoughts on “Physical Therapy

  1. Andrea, I swear you look no different, girly! I know you feel it, but from here, you look amazing! Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I’m thankful for you!!!

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