Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We had a wonderful, fun-filled day down at Bobby and Sarah’s in Burlingame.  I’ve hosted Thanksgiving for the past three years here in the city, so they offered to host this year — and the timing couldn’t have been better with my surgery and all!  Chuck and Karen flew in for the occasion too!

We arrived at their house and it was a buzz with cooking, visiting, laughing and game-playing with Grace, my 7-year-old niece (Bob and Sarah’s daughter). This year, Grace decided that we all had to write down 6 things that we were thankful for (on 6 different sheets of paper).  She collected everybody’s “thankfuls” in a giant jar and then passed them out at dinner. We each got a random six slips and had to read them aloud and try to guess who wrote each one. Kudos to you Grace — we are stealing that idea and doing it every year!

It was funny/cute to see what we all had on our minds. Bobby was ever thankful for the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe etc (he is so philosophical in his old age)! Grace was thankful for her friends, family, dogs (she’s super obsessed with dogs right now) and vacations! Chuck and Karen were thankful for family, food and the coming birth of their son! Paul and I were happy for family, friends and Lucy. And we were all happy that my tumor is gone and I’m on the road to recovery!

We all ate our faces off — and then went back for dessert! Brava to the chefs Bob, Karen & Sarah (Paul, Chuck and I did our fair share of work by eating a lot!).

For me personally, it goes without saying that I am so thankful I caught my cancer early and that it is treatable and that I will be OK. I am thankful that I have such supportive family and friends. I am ever grateful for Paul – who is always at my side, unless there is a good football game or golf tournament on (jk jk jk — I kid — sort of….). Finally, I am most thankful for all of the inspirational, touching, heartfelt and personal stories so many of you have shared with me privately over the past month. It is your strength and fortitude that has helped me soldier on. Thank you!

Below is a mini slide show of today. I hope all of your Thanksgivings were as fantastic as ours was!

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One thought on “Thanksgiving!!

  1. Andrea your blogs have inspired me. You all look fantastic and especially you look amazing. Keep up your strength and keep sending those blogs, I am sure they are helping a lot of people. Bless you

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