BAYS Holiday Party!

Holy crapperpants. Girls with breast cancer are friggin’ FUN!

Paul and I went to the BAYS holiday party this past weekend and had the time of our lives. Well, I can’t actually speak for him, but I had the BEST time (small aside — I think it’s due time for a guest blog entry from Paul, don’t you?).

It was awesome to be around a bunch of women at every stage fo this battle and see that they all are surviving and are keeping their sense of humor (most importanntly). The absolute highlight of the night for me was when the game-playing started. Oh yeah, that’s right — cancer patients play games too!

We played breast cancer charades (clues were things like “IV,” “Lumpectomy,” “Radiation” “Bald,” “Chemotherapy,” “Mastectomy “– you get the drift). We also played breast cancer Family Fued (“Top ten things people said to you after you were diagnosed,” “Top ten tips for post-cancer sex”– hopefully you get the drift again!). It was SO much fun to laugh in cancer’s face and get to know so many incredible women at the same time.

Before you knew it, out came the broom that doubled as a limbo stick. It was such a good time!

At the end of the party, those who felt up to it, all went into a side room and we lifted up our shirts to compare boobs. It was super liberating and really comforting to be so open about my chest just 4 weeks post op. It was also really nice to see the surgical decisions my sister warriors had to make for themselves (not all opted for/needed the bi-lateral).  These gals are great! Amaze. Love, love, love them!

I took a number of pictures, but realize that these folks may not want their photos on my blog, so I am only posting a few pics of Paul and I, as well as, a few pics of Ami (yes, you read that correctly, Ami as in Ami Weghorst Dodson — the one who I dedicated a post to earlier!) and I.



Andrea Bays (so=so)Paul Bays (so-so)Aviva BAYSAviva 1 BAYSAviva 2 BAYS

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