Inspiration – Part 1

As promised, on days when I’m not feeling 100%, I will be posting some of the notes that you all have sent to me (with prior permission, of course).

Given all the craziness going on right now between the fallout of Hurricane Sandy and the tragedy in Sandy Hook, I’m finding it very easy to put my situation in perspective. But I do still have my “oh woe is me” days.  On those days, I turn to these notes.

The below email is especially touching to me. It comes from on old high school friend Ann:

Andrea I am so sorry to hear your news. I will admit to you that I have been living my own “hell” for the past 6 plus years and seeing your life via Facebook during that time made me envy you. You are successful and you seem to have a great husband. I guess I assumed you were very career oriented and maybe didn’t want kids yet. My world was completely different. I was extremely happy with my career and husband and had two healthy boys. Then when we thought we were done , I got pregnant. Then found out we were having twins. Sorry if I am rambling but your blog was so powerful to me last night that I want you to know how being strong can get you through this. When my husband and I went for the 18 week sonogram to find out the gender of the babies our world stopped. There was one boy and one girl but the girl had more problems than my numb head could process. Mandie survived the pregnancy and was a wonderful part of our lives for 3 challenging years. It’s been three more lonely years since I have held her but what got me through was my amazing marriage and our family and friends…no matter how sad or down you get, communicate with Paul and keep him close. You can do this! You are in my prayers! You continue to amaze me with your touching story and your blog. I love reading it. You are so strong and so inspiring. My boys pray for you (Miss Andrea) each night before bed and I am always so excited to update them on how well you’re doing. Stay strong and most of all live, laugh and love!

Ann, thank you for reaching out and sharing your story with me. YOU are an inspiration to ME.

One thought on “Inspiration – Part 1

  1. Hey there – just wanted you to know I am still with you. I was 2 years late getting my mammogram but you and this blog finally got my lazy ass going and it is done. So thank you. If you are looking for low intensity entertainment, and a pre-motherhood education to boot, check out
    Ganesh is my home boy – the remover of obstacles. I am whispering prayers to him for you. So hang in there, you have got this. It’s just one step at a time.

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