Checking In

Hope everybody had a Merry Christmas!

Paul and I had a great time, though I was in pain the whole time because I had another spacer fill the morning of Christmas eve. This one hit me like a ton of bricks. My chest felt (and still feels) like two hard rocks. My muscles were spasming for a couple of days and it was really crappy. I had a harder time hiding my pain this time around, but I forged on and tried to take the right amount of drugs to combat the issue.  At this point, I think my boobs might be as big as I want them to be going forward — but we’ll see.

We hosted Bob, Sarah and Grace (my brother, SIL and niece) on Christmas eve for Vigilia dinner (it’s a big Polish tradition, and I’m a good Polish wife!). Thankfully Paul’s mom cooked most of the meal when she was visiting a few weeks ago, so all we had to do was defrost and reheat 😉

On Christmas day we did presents, went to 9:30 mass (again, did I mention what a good Polish wife I am?!!). At mass, I decided to ask the baby Jesus to take all my pain and cancer. Hopefully he answers this Hindu’s wish!  After mass we headed down to Bob and Sarah’s  for lunch and more merriment.

Below are a few pics from Vigilia, as well as, my lunch at the Rotunda at Neiman’s earlier today with Bob, Sarah and Grace (PS – Bobby is trying to be incognito in his sunglasses since it was sort of a ladies lunch!). Stay tuned for a post on IVF and cancer. I hope to have some time tomorrow to jot down my thoughts on the subject since so many of you have asked me about it. Until then, be good!

3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Andrea, you look gorgeous as always. I just had to comment because I think it is the cutest thing that you are ” a good polish wife”. I really miss having Vigilia on Christmas Eve. That was our tradition when my parents were alive. I did not even make pierogi this year. John and I are going to try to make them sometime next month. We will have to compare polish recipes sometime! I envy you being able to cook both Indian and Polish cuisine. Glad that you were at least able to enjoy yourself the best you could with your family and have that much deserved glass of wine! Love your pictures.

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