The devil is in the details — and the Adriamycin!

When I first posted about “what it’s like” a few weeks back, I forgot to mention that one of my chemo drugs, the Adriamycin, is lovingly referred to as “the Red Devil”. Why you ask? I’ll tell you. The drug is the color of red gatorade (as you’ve seen from my pictures) and it makes your number 1 and number 2 turn red for awhile after your infusion. In addition, it’s just highly, highly toxic and can lead to heart issues later down the road (but we won’t think about that now since I’m young and healthy — all should be just fine with my heart) hence the “devil” part of the moniker. Fun fact for any of you trivia pursuit players out there!

For round 2, I opted to do a massage prior to infusion instead of acupuncture during infusion. It was a great idea. I showed up to Garrett’s office an hour before my appointment and met with Lisa. She has healing hands. It wasn’t like a typical spa massage in that Lisa doesn’t really go into your muscles that deep. While I only had my sentinel node removed and no others – don’t be fooled, I am still at risk for lymphedema. So she applies the right amount of pressure so as not to mess with lymphedema, or the possibility of it. She also has this amazeballs massage table with two cut outs for your boobs. I still can’t lie on my stomach with my spacers in, so I figured massage would be out of the question. Not with Lisa — and not at Garrett’s practice. They think of everything. So after a relaxing hour of listening to zen music and getting my massage, I got my blood work done and then we were off to the communal infusion room.

Paul had staked us out some really good seats. We swiveled them so that we could look out the windows at the beautiful view and the bay bridge. The infusion room was hoppin’ busy yesterday because of the New Year holiday. We met and chat with some really interesting people. One woman we talked with has been fighting the good fight for 14 years. This is her third time getting chemo. Unfortunately her cancer has metastasized to her liver. But she was in fine spirits and just going about her business. I liked that. She’s one cool cat in my book. We exchanged smoothie recipes — she had some great ideas. I will play around with the recipes this go around and report back to you on any successes and all pitfalls!

Before we knew it, all three of my bags had dripped, the red devil was manually pushed and we were nearly through. Garrett just had to give me my high dose Lupron shot to the rear. Recall we are doing this to try and put my ovaries to sleep while I go through chemo. Again, not so that I can use my own eggs later, but so that my girl parts are functioning enough to be able to carry a healthy pregnancy post-chemo.

The only other thing that was slightly different this time is that we upped my anti-emetic drugs (my anti-nausea drugs). They upgraded me to a drug that’s better than Zophran called Emend. I never knew such a thing existed. But hopefully, this new drug, together with the Zophran, will keep nausea at bay this week.

In the past, we’ve remained pretty tight-lipped about all of our fertility stuff — and look where and what that got us –nowhere and nada. So this time, my new approach is to put it all out there. In that vain, if all remains on schedule (and I’ve not heard anything to indicate that it’s not on schedule), our donor will be starting her stimulation meds today. So the ball is rolling and we could really use the positive energy you’ve been sending to us for our donor’s stim. I am praying that her round is much better than our last donor’s and that our baby prayers are finally answered. Feel free to join in on those vibes with us.

For your viewing amusement, a few pics from yesterday as well as a few from right now (Paul couldn’t resist catching me blogging in my element — on the couch, in my jammies, wearing my neck warmer as a hat! Wha? My neck was warm enough so I just pulled it onto my head — it works well as a hat!

Until next time, be good! xoxo

4 thoughts on “The devil is in the details — and the Adriamycin!

  1. i don’t think it can be said enough: you are so brave and generous to share your story with others…with your spirit, you can conquer anything! sending all positive thoughts your way…

  2. Ok…I am on it! Sending positive donor stim vibes your way. Thinking of you all the time. BTW I agree with the hundreds of comments…you look beautiful with the new hair-do. xo

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