Inspiration – Part 2

Today is supposed to be my “bad” chemo day. I’m three days post infusion — but to be truthful, all is going pretty well today. I’m not going to push my luck though. So I’m lounging in bed and watching trash TV (Real Housewives of Miami Reunion Part 2 baby!). So far the nausea is under control. Worst things I have happening are that I’m really tired and irritable (could be any old day of the week with those two descriptions! haha!) and that my ankle mysteriously seems to have gotten twisted/swollen overnight. So we are icing it. Fingers crossed these are the worst things I encounter over the next few days (well, let’s not forget that I’ll be completely losing all my hair — eyebrows and eyelashes included, fun times).

As promised, on my bad days when I’m not feeling up to posting, I’ll be sharing with you some of the notes I’ve received from many of you.  The below email came to me on 12/18/12, right after I posted about heading off to my first chemo and being Buffalo strong.  It’s from one of Paul’s best friends from undergrad, Bill. Not only does it make me feel brave, but it also makes me laugh. Thank you Bill!

Re. Line: Thinking of You


Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know I was thinking of you. I am officially addicted to your blog. You write so well, in your own unique voice, and with such honesty and bravery….it just awes me. I know today was another “first day” in a string of them since you got that horrible diagnosis. And I am sure the thought of getting through these next few months can seem overwhelming …in addition to unfair, painful, depressing and just plain shitty! But I hope you take some solace in knowing how many people care for you, and are here for you, praying for you, every day as you go through this process. I always knew you were a smart, talented and beautiful woman. Besides questionable taste in men, I really always thought you to be pretty awesome 🙂 But now seeing the way you are facing this journey, with such grace, strength, humor and just…. BALLS. As I said, it simply awes me. You hang in there, keep that fierce spirit up and know that you have an army of people behind you in this fight. To paraphrase…fight on, and you will rise and fight again.**
** For the record, that is the first and last time I will quote a member of the Buffalo Bills 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inspiration – Part 2

  1. Bill you age so right about Andrea ,however you knew Paul from your undergrad days.whatever applies to Andrea applies to Paul too. thanks for being there for Paul and Andrea.

  2. What a beautiful note from your friend Bill. His note made me think: Chemo may kill cancer cells … and other things, but in return, it gives us women a set of balls. Wear ’em proudly because you’re strong. My best always!

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