Thank You Katie!!

I couldn’t let another day pass without sending a huge thank you out to the universe and all my friends and family.  You all have shown us such great love and support, especially during this latest rough patch. I hope you all know that we literally can feel your love and prayers from far and wide, and they really do give us the energy to get through each day.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give Katie Sann (my friend and Stella & Dot’s Director of PR) a particular shout out. She made my day last week. My doorbell rang at 7:30 am on Wednesday morning (the morning after our dreaded ER visit) and I signed for a FedEx envelope.  In it, was an envelope from Sarah Knight at E! (for those of you who aren’t as obsessed with Giuliana and Bill as I am — Sarah is Giuliana’s assistant at E! I’m sort of obsessed with Sarah Knight (and (Cata)Lina — for any of you who watch the show) too (I have issues, I realize!))…

In any event, inside that  envelope was a note from Katie to me saying that she hoped the enclosed would bring a smile to my face.  The enclosed was a personally autographed pic of Giuliana to me.  MAJ-HOR. Katie, you are the best PR person in the world. Thank you a million times over for working your connections to make this happen for me. It truly made my day and continues to make me smile each and every day. Now we just need to figure out how I can meet G 😉

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