Pleasing the Crowd!

So here’s some crazy news, my blog has topped 44,000 site views. That is AH-MAZE! Thank you to all who are following along on this journey with us. Your love and support are incredible!

Little known fact: WordPress has really great reporting and statistical breakdowns for me to better understand my audience. And if there is one thing I’ve learned about all of you — it’s that you LOVE when I post pictures. So, far be it for me to detract from your fun! Attached are a few photos from this past weekend. I had a full dance card with Tom’s birthday dinner on Friday night, Tegan’s baby shower on Saturday and the entire day spent with my S&D peeps yesterday.

I had such great weekend that I actually forgot about the fact that I’m fighting this fight! My arms are nearly back to normal after the Adria debacle and my back is feeling way better after the two neulasta shots. There were a few dark days there when I had convinced myself that I’d never feel normal again — but I’m happy to report, that was just drama! All is good.

Sadly, all is good just in time for me to go in for more treatments. This is another big week for us.

Tomorrow we head to UCSF for my port placement. It’s going to be a long day. Starting with blood work at 10:30am and then check in for surgery at 11:30am. The port placement is done under twilight anesthesia — but they tell me I won’t be out of the recovery room (for a noon surgery) until 3pm. I sure hope they are just padding their times like the airlines do!

I hear that getting a port should be pretty easy — and I’m banking on that! Far as I can tell, the worst thing starring me down is that I can’t eat or drink after midnight tonight. And I don’t go into surgery until noon tomorrow. Ugh, I am going to be light-headed and crabby. Paul, I apologize in advance to you for my antics!

Wednesday sees us back at Garrett’s for my fourth and final AC infusion. Praise the lord! I can’t wait to be able to recap that to you all and have it behind us!

In other news, I went bald in public on two different occasions this weekend. It warmed up a bit here in SF so I could rock my head loud and proud. It was easier to do than I thought it would. Naturally, I wondered if everybody was staring at me – then I just moved on.

It helps me to wear some make-up and sort of “girl” up my look a bit. For those of you who know me, I don’t really wear make-up nor do I know how to apply it — so that has been quiet the adventure for me. lol!

I’ll post again after my port and chemo — until then, I hope you enjoy the pictures! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Pleasing the Crowd!

  1. Love the pictures and happy you sound so upbeat. Good luck tomorrow.. I will pray that all goes smoothly. Love you…Diane (Mom)

  2. Do I dare say “up swing”? You sound terrific and, as is normal for you, look drop-dead gorgeous! Put this weekend in your bank for when you need a boost, and, we will await for your port report.

  3. Love these pics– you are beautiful inside and out! Congrats on the blog– you are a very entertaining and honest writer! Best of luck tomorrow!

  4. it was so good to hear your cheerful voice.up ,up and away!Good vibs coming your way for tomorrow and wednesday. love mom.

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