Oh no. It’s happened again…

I’ve been known to become OB-sessed (err, maybe “singularly-focused” is a better description — at least it sounds more lady-like — yes, we’ll go with “singularly-focused”) with certain historical events, famous people and conspiracy theories. When the bug bites me, I end up researching every morsel of information out there and reading and reading and reading some more about my latest love.

The first time it happened I was in high school and had just read Elvis and Me by Priscilla Presley (what? do you question my reading choices? don’t judge!). I just had to know everything about Elvis. It got so bad that I thought I spotted Elvis at the Super Duper on Orchard Park Road (Coley — do you remember that?).

It also happened with JFK and the magic bullet, Anne Frank, Princess Diana and 9/11.

In law school I saw the movie Black Hawk Down with some gals from my small section. I’m not ashamed to admit that I only vaguely recall the details of the Battle of Mogadishu in real life. When it took place, I had just started my freshman year at Bucknell. I’m sure I was living in the college “bubble” and had no clue what was going on in the rest of our country, let alone Somalia, at the time. So it came as no surprise to me, sitting in that movie theater in Durham, North Carolina, some 6 or 7 years later, that I didn’t know how the story would unfold. I was fascinated by the US Special Forces (Rangers, Delta Force and Seals), I was intrigued by all the terminology (clicks, RPGs and kit-up etc), I couldn’t believe what those men went through and the duration of the battle. I’d been bit BIG TIME.

I went back to see the movie two more times by myself (yes, I am a weird-o, I know). I sobbed as much the third time as I did the very first. People in the theater probably thought I was related to someone who had actually been in the battle — that’s how much I was crying!

For that obsession, I had Mark Bowden’s book and the History Channel’s documentary. I needed immediate gratification, so I favored the History Channel at the time. The documentary is stellar and many of the real guys involved are in it. So good!

Fast forward to yesterday when I decided to get out of the house and take in a matinee of Zero Dark Thirty…. Yup. You know what happened!

Truth be told, I partially got bit a few months ago when 60 Minutes did a piece featuring one of the Navy Seals, Mark Owen (this is his pseudonym), who captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. Paul and I watched it together and were fascinated by this man who had to have his voice altered and wear prosthetic pieces on his face — all to conceal his identity — told us about the operation that we all only saw still photos of President Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton et al reacting to in the White House situation room. He was actually there! In that interview, he spoke of a female CIA targeter who was 100% sure Bin Laden was in the house. Is he referring to “Maya”? Is Maya real? Or is she a compilation of a bunch of determined, smart, hard-working, dare I say, “singularly-focused” women who stayed on Bin Laden’s trail for years and years? Who knows! My research has only just begun!

First stop is to devour Mark Owen’s book No Easy Day. I started it last night (and got 20% in according to my Kindle) and was so sad when I got too tired to continue on. So sad, in fact, that my dreams were all about me fast-roping out of helicopters, trying to run around while loaded down with 60 pounds worth of gear strapped to my back, and double tapping bad guys (HA! I am completely nutz). I woke up at 4:30 this morning and decided to actually get out of bed because I wanted to bang this post out and then read some more of the book before I have to head out to PT.

I mean, tell me this doesn’t send chills down your spine: “For God and country — Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo. Geronimo E.K.I.A. (enemy killed in action)”

PS – not much going on on the cancer-fighting front. It’s my last “off” week from chemo, so I’m busy distracting myself (obvie from this post, right?) and meeting up with friends and family! Will post more on all that soon!

5 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. Andrea,
    It is scary how much we are alike! I just saw Zero… And also became obsessed with the history of it. You hear about all of these bombings overseas but they don’t impact you directly so they don’t stick in your mind. Now relate that to the cancer we are fighting. How many times did you hear about so and so being diagnosed with bc and your thought was oh, that’s too bad and then you moved on with your life. Not anymore. We are now walking encyclopedias of our disease. We live in this cancer bubble and then we have to leave it and go out in the real world we realize that life is going on as usual for so many. That’s when we realize that this disease sucks and question why we were chosen to fight this fight.

    Ok back to the movie, I came home and googled Jessica Chastain. I was so impressed with her performance and am rooting for her to win. A good friend of mine is taking me to see all of the Oscar nominated films before the Oscars. We saw Django Unchained. Don’t waste 3 hours of your now precious time! Seeing the movies has been a great way to pass the time during the ups and downs of chemo.

    I’m having a hair shaving party on Sunday with my friends. Why not make a social event out of it? Everyone is going to want to see my bald head at some point. Why not have some wine and make it fun?

    My BRACA results are in and my doctor called and wants to meet with me to go over them in person. I’m used to getting results over the phone so I’m a bit nervous.

    Thanks for the book suggestion on the Navy Seal. I’m also going to YouTube the 60 minutes segment.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. You missed one. I would like to add your obsession with Real World London. It was so “you could prepare yourself” for spending a semester over seas!

  3. I wish I could say I remember but I don’t. I can confirm you are a little obsessed. Sarah already talked about the obsession with real-world…..that still makes me laugh. Love you

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