Benadryl: the husband’s best friend. And other thoughts..

Chemo Tuesday again.  It’s weird how normal that’s starting to sound to me.  After several months of living in the trenches of battling cancer, I’m sure there are a lot of things that we both are completely used to that would have seemed very strange or scary not that long ago.  Like me doing a little bit of lite work email from the chemo suite.  I wrote a bit about this on my blog a couple weeks ago.  I guess we can adapt to anything, given enough time…

So where did we leave off?  On this week’s episode of Chemo Tuesday – I’d like to introduce you all to the simple pleasures of IV Benadryl.  Or as I like to call it, the “Husband’s Best Friend”….Dr. Smith administers Benadryl to couter-act some of the allergic reactions that Taxol (our current chemo drug of choice) can cause.  A “side effect” of Benadryl is extreme drowsiness.  This side effect is apparently amplified when you administer Benadryl via an IV….and it works FAST.  Lemme walk you through the process…

IMG_1270  Step 1: I don’t know what’s about to hit me…:  Andrea arrives at Dr. Smiths’s office, looking really pretty in her chemo outfit.  (Seriously, she plans out the outfit the night before.  Some things, I will never understand).  She really does pull off the bald look with a lot of panache, don’t you think?  I think she looks awesome.  At this point, all vital signs are normal.  She’s worked up a little appetite, and is ready for some pre-infusion yogurt.  She’s chatty, visiting with the nurses, talking to Dr. Smith, making a to-do list for the rest of our week in her head.  Little does she know what’s about to hit her.






Step 2:  Let the good times flow…:  The lovely and talented Tasha readies the IV bag.  A few hundred cc’s of pure, sweet, unadulterated Benadryl.  Street value – priceless.  She hooks up the IV line to Andrea’s port, and starts the sweet juice flowing.  I sit back in my lounge chair, and begin the countdown….  Wait for it.  Wait for it…







  Step 3:  zzzzzzz:  And….action.  90 seconds later.  I kid you not.  Out like a light.  The crazy thing is that we’ve tried all sorts of solutions to help Andrea sleep at home….Ambien, something else made for horses…nothing really works.  Except Benadryl.  It brings on the most peaceful, un-interrupted, deep sleep I have ever seen in Andrea.  No tossing and turning, no waking me up in the middle of her sleep to ask if I remembered to lock the front door, or take out the dog.  Zzzzzzz…..How do I get some of this for home, I ask you??  It can’t be that hard?  Tasha, hook me up!

For other husbands out there – I’d highly recommend mainlining Benadryl for your wives.  You can turn it on, go out and play 18 holes, come back home and she will be none the wiser.  She’ll also be well rested, a little groggy, and quite docile, at least until dinner time (based on my experience).  I’m sure that this wasn’t the use case that Benadryl intended – but other great things like silly putty and post it notes were discovered by accident too, right?!

I need to get working on this idea…..I have a few spare hours right now, in fact.

7 thoughts on “Benadryl: the husband’s best friend. And other thoughts..

  1. Great bit of information! It seems unlikely that I could sneak up on Diane with an IV apparatus however. Maybe a spray would be more easily applied.

  2. Love the blog.. I need something to sleep, too, but Benadryl gives me palpitations and nightmares. Hope all goes well with this treatment.

  3. You are resolutely hilarious and I hope to see you in some capacity soon. My latest exit from the City tournament was last Sunday, a wretched 8 and 7 drubbing by a sandbagger.

  4. I wish IV benadryl made me sleep.
    I have a disease where my allergy cells like to “party” too much and I live in a never ending allergic reaction. I get 500mg of IV benadryl through my port daily, it is a constant infusion. I carry my pump with me and change my bag of benadryl every 3 days. Yes that was not a typo…i repeat 500mg of benedryI daily, and I would love to sleep but case and point it’s after midnight and I’m awake reading this blog.

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