Still on the road to recovery

Thank you to everyone for the countless notes of encouragement through Facebook, DM, email, text and posts to this blog. I hope to be able to write back to each of you — but it might take some time!

Here’s the latest update for you: nothing much has changed since yesterday. I woke up this morning and still felt weak, dizzy and slightly nauseous. I also still had a temperature of 100.8 — ugh. I dragged myself into the shower and got ready to go to physical therapy.

After PT, I forced myself to eat some chicken noodle soup (I have no appetite these days) so that I could take my antibiotic and other various pills (omega, probiotic and vitamin D) that require food in your belly. I tried to lay down and take a nap, but my head was pounding and I felt like I was just getting worse and worse.

Paul came home to keep vigil over me. After listening to me caterwaul for over an hour, we finally decided I should take some Tylenol and a Loraz (to counteract my temperature and nausea).

OH, and of course, whenever my body betrays me — it really betrays me — so I also have a UTI coming on (TMI?). Thankfully, this antibiotic I’m on will clear the UTI up too.

Now I just need this antibiotic to do its magic.

I’ll leave you with this — the darkest hour is just before the dawn — and tomorrow is a new day (can’t you tell the Loraz has kicked in?! At least I’m trying to turn my frown upside down today!)

One thought on “Still on the road to recovery

  1. No other words to describe fighting cancer but to say it sucks. Just plain sucks. It’s not fair and it’s day to day on the emotions and strength. Hang in there. I find I’m turning In for the night earlier and earlier to get away from the suffering and the thinking. Tomorrow is always another day. God bless you Andrea!

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