I wish I had some good news to report – or any news, really.  We’re still in the hospital (have been camped out here since Thursday), and still no answers.  Andrea’s still experiencing intermittent fevers, which are probably the result of an infection of some kind.  But the doctors have yet to pinpoint the cause of the infection or find a way to treat it.  On the upside – she’s feeling a little better, has more energy, and her heart is not racing quite as much as it was a couple of days ago.  She’s also been able to keep her positive attitude, for the most part.  Which is the most amazing thing, to me.  We had a ray of hope last night after the doctors performed a CT scan.  They thought they detected some evidence of infection in her lungs, which would indicate walking pneumonia.  This caused them to add some new drugs to the mix.  We’re currently on a steady diet of three different high spectrum antibiotics (Zosyn, Zithromax and Vancomyicin)…but no luck yet.  The fevers keep coming back.  So the wait continues.  It’s frustrating and makes us feel very helpless.  We’re basically trapped here until we have some more firm answers.  The doctors don’t want to risk releasing Andrea, on the chance that her infection (?) could develop into something worse.

Being stuck at the hospital totally blows.  It’s uncomfortable, depressing and scary.  The food’s bad, sleep is elusive and the nurses come in at all hours of the day and night to poke, prod, take blood samples, prick you with IV needles.  In between the prodding and poking…you just do a lot of waiting and worrying.  And I think the hospital we’re in is one of the better ones I’ve seen.

After four days of this, I’m personally starting to go a little crazy, and I have the luxury of getting up and walking around sometimes…even leaving the hospital to run an errand home or go get us some food.  I couldn’t imagine being confined to a bed the entire time like Andrea has been.  Through it all, though, she has been in really good spirits.  It’s amazing, bordering on super human.  She’s taking all of the uncertainty and discomfort in stride and taking her medicine (literally) without any real complaint.  She’s also on top of everything – as usual….she’s memorized all of her medicines, dosages, administration times, temperatures, etc…and stays on top of all of the nurses to make sure they’re doing everything right.  She did a blog post, has been talking on the phone to family to keep them updated and even took time to pay some bills yesterday (prior to their due date..).  I like to think that I am standing by to support her – in every way that I can.  But in reality, I’m just trying to keep up most of the time.  Her fight, attitude and resolve keeps me going when I get tired.  No kidding.  She’s the real deal, and I can’t tell you all how proud I am of how she’s dealt with this episode…and really the whole shitshow that is cancer.  Truly amazing.

That’s all for now – we’ll keep you updated as best we can, and will post some more news as soon as we have it.

In the meantime – I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a big, huge, thank you to all of the people who have been writing, calling, texting, facebooking…Your thoughts and prayers are the fuel that keeps us going.  It’s been really great to hear from SO many people that we haven’t heard from in years.  The messages that start with:  “I haven’t talked to you in years” or “you don’t know me and we’ve never met…I’m friends with Paul, and just wanted to say…”  are awesome.  You know who you are!  Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Update..

  1. Paul,
    My heart breaks for you and Andrea. I’m so sorry she is still in the hospital. There are no other words to describe what you are going through but as a shitshow. Cancer sucks. The lows and the highs are debilitating. Please give Andrea my best and to hang in there. All my best, Michele (whom you’ve never met but faithful follower of your blog and fellow bc fighter).

  2. Paul & Andrea – ugh! I’m so pissed off about this latest development – wasn’t the Adria leak ENOUGH? I hate cancer & chemo & all the extra shit ur going thru with it! So, I’m no doctor (just another fabulous chick going thru the exact same BS … bc/dbl mas/ACT @ PAMF…. Blah blah) but I was doing a little research on unexplained fevers in chemo patients & it seems its not uncommon. A few blogs I found talk about some people antibiotic resistant fevers being fixed with naproxen (which is basically like a few day course of aleve in the hospital…). I’m sure I’m oversimplifying – but maybe it’s worth a question? Anyways, I’m praying for u Andrea & really really hoping this gets easier FAST. I’ve been having a terrible time with chemo too (almost halfway done!). Just think how frikkin INVINCIBLE we’re gonna be when it’s all said & done. Xoxoxoxo o

  3. WATCHING you guys trudge thru this road is amazing to see, you clearly are meant to be together,,, she and you are very blessed to have each other,,, Ill pray more and keep you guys in my prayers,,,, God bless you and your family

  4. i don’t think i can spread my arms to infinity to show you how much i love you. all a mother wants is her children to be happy and healthy.

  5. You are both superstars. We are sending all our love from DC. I think about you both everyday. Another faithful blog follower, Whit

  6. Paul, you don’t know me, but I know you. I worked with A at BM. You’re a mench as they say. Keep grinding through this. Andrea, I think of you often and send prayers and good wishes.

  7. Hi Paul & Andrea!!
    Your blog is a beautiful expression of a most challenging life experience !! Thank you for sharing this journey! I am Heather’s mom (Ted’s mom-in-law). I have a wonderful Bible Study group who are all faithful prayer warriors!! We shall hold you up in prayer constantly!!!

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