Roll Call From Room 522

So today is our fifth day here at CPMC. Not clear that we’re getting out of here anytime soon. We hope to do a few more tests today that will confirm an infection and then we can treat it appropriately. In the meantime, I thought you might like to see a run down of all the stuff I’ve had done to me (oh joy!)

20 vital signs (blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature)

2 blood cultures from a vein in my hand

2 blood cultures from my port

1 chest Xray

3 EKGs

1 chest CT scan with contrast

2 urinalysis’

2 salt-water induced sputum tests

12 different nursing shifts

3 different Hospitalist attendings

1 Infectious Disease attending

1 Oncology attending (We conference Garrett into all of our convos too)

8 blood draws (for CBC’s, WBC count, and other misc tests)

8 heparin shots to the belly

3 broad spectrum IV antibiotics: (1) Zosyn – every 6 hours, (2) Vancomycin – every 12 hours (3) Zithromax – every 24 hours

1 ultrasound of my expanders and port

Constantly hooked up to heart monitors (that set off alarms every time I stand up to go to the bathroom b/c my heart starts racing as high as 150-160 (aka tachyachardia))

and, last but certainly not least, 3 showers 😉

As you can see, there is a lot going on — it’s no wonder we aren’t getting much sleep. The nurses have to slip in every hour or so to poke and prod at me.

Perhaps they’ll page Dr. House today so he can solve my medical mystery!!

Alight, I’m off to have another test done. Ciao for now….

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