Lincoln Financial Group Can Go Fuck Itself

Lincoln Financial Group is the shitty short and long term disability company that Stella & Dot uses. They have made my life hell from day one. Even when the state paid the bulk of my short term disability and Lincoln only had to contribute about $200 a month, they were up my grill.

The first official “fuck you” they lobbed at me was in connection with my long term disability claim — they accused me of lying about my cancer diagnosis date — they told me that they wanted to be sure it wasn’t a pre-existing condition. Yup. You fucking read that correctly. I’ve had to jump through countless hoops and provide all my medical records and Walgreens prescriptions to them dating back to 2011 (keep in mind I was diagnosed in October of 2012). They went so far as to ask for my fucking Walgreens prescriptions. As if I was sneaking cancer meds back in 2011. ASSHOLES.

Today I was dealt the latest blow. They called to tell me that my long term disability claim has officially been flagged and is still pending. It will be going to their “doctors” for review, but that “since I am only receiving taxol weekly now — and can probably work — they’ll likely discontinue my disability benefits as soon as Taxol is over”. That is pretty much a direct quote.

Never FUCKING mind that I haven’t even allowed myself to think about having cancer yet — because I am too FUCKING busy fighting it. Never FUCKING mind that I am extremely fatigued and it will take months for my body to recover from that. Never FUCKING mind that I still have expanders in and still have to have another invasive surgery to swap them out. Never FUCKING mind that I’ll need tons of therapy to deal with the inevitable fear of recurrence and PTSD many cancer survivors, but TNBC survivors, in particular, experience (I hear it can sometimes become crippling). Never FUCKING mind that I go to physical therapy here in the city twice a week. Never FUCKING mind about all of that. Because some bunch of paper pushing fuckers have determined, based on their chemo flow chart (wtf is a “chemo flow chart” anyways?), that I can go back to work the second the last bit of Taxol drips into my veins.

She also spared no condescension when she said “well you are only getting chemo one day a week right now, so what’s your average day look like?” Are you trying to assess whether I can sit at my desk and perform my highly stressful job right now? The answer is NO. I AM ACTIVELY BEING TREATED FOR CANCER AND STILL CURRENTLY RECEIVING CHEMO AND THE SIDE EFFECTS ARE CUMULATIVE — DO YOU KNOW WHAT “CUMULATIVE” MEANS? What sort of asshole asks such a question? [Just so you know, I didn’t say any of that to her]

I really felt like it was a trick question because I do force myself to try to get out there and exercise and live as normal a life as possible. Isn’t that what a cancer patient SHOULD be doing? Pushing themselves so that the treatment doesn’t go sideways? Well, I feel like following doctor’s orders and trying to stay positive, active and healthy has backfired on me. I’m not going to be allowed any cushion of time to lick my wounds and deal with the aftermath of cancer.

Oh, and she asked when we were going to start IVF again. NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. That isn’t covered by insurance – we pay 100% out-of-pocket for that. Oh yeah, and did I mention I HAVE CANCER? I’m sort of busy dealing with that right now, not really focused on IVF. Double asshole.

I have news for you Lincoln Financial. Cancer does not end after your last chemo infusion. Whether it’s by pill or IV (yes, she had the audacity to ask me if me chemo was taken by pill — as if that would make any difference in the side effects — what a fucking whore). I am going to face a shit ton of physical limitations (extreme fatigue – my heart rate hits 160 when I walk up the mini hill we live on, my chest aches from my expanders, after my swap out surgery I’ll still need PT 2/week to ensure my implants don’t become infected etc) and emotional crap that I’ve been stuffing and burying way deep down. I had to avoid all of that stuff in order to survive the day-to-day of my life since last October.

She then went on to make it crystal clear to me that she doesn’t understand what adjuvent chemo therapy means. Yet, when I tried to explain it to her, she made sure to tell me “I know, I’ve been doing this for years” Well then why the FUCK are you explaining it to me incorrectly. I’m the one with cancer — I SURE as hell know what it means. This bitch needs to be transferred to another department. She should NEVER be allowed to talk to someone who has cancer again. She was the WORST.


26 thoughts on “Lincoln Financial Group Can Go Fuck Itself

  1. OMG..I can not even believe should sue her ass for stress in addition to the stress of the freakin cancer diagnosis..she obviously has never been there or been around anyone who has and should not be in that job..Remind me to never look for a job that uses them..I am so sorry.that is the last thing you need.

  2. You also need to inform them that you have a blog and are actively calling them out for being aholes. Maybe that will help. I FOR ONE AM SEEING THIS, LINCOLN FINANCIAL, AND I AM GOING TO WRITE TO MY BIG LAW FIRM TO TELL THEM TO STAY AWAY. Obviously, you should also contact your HR Department and complain.

    • Love you Natalie! Stella & Dot doesn’t have an HR dept. that is part of the problem. I’ll have Paul call the CFO he is acting HR. I’m too livid to speak to anybody about this.

  3. HOLY SHIT! I’m appalled! How disgusting. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. You are dealing with enough already. How can people be so inhumane?!?

  4. Omg I cannot believe she said since you were ‘only’ doing Taxol 1x a week?! ‘SCUZE??? Well, if I might suggest a silver lining here – sound like the rep from Lincoln Financial has just volunteered as your personal whipping boy ;). And after everything u have been thru – that’s a big job! Hope you got her name 😉

  5. Hate to see this happening to you Andrea. As you may or may not remember I am a financial advisor and deal with this issue a lot with clients. Since this is your blog, I wanted to ask if you would mind if I voiced some financial opinions on this topic? If you feel it is not the time and place, I completely understand. I figured I would ask before launching into a 500 word essay.

  6. Thanks Andrea. Let me begin by saying that all of what I am about to say is opinion. I am always hesitant to voice my opinion in these forums but Andrea’s experience with her group disability hit home. I have been in financial advising for 15+ years. One area of my work that has always been difficult is having conversations with clients about insurance. People love to talk about investments, retirement, second home purchases (all the good stuff). When we have to talk about death, disability and long term care, the conversation can be summarized as follows: “It’s not going to happen to me, or if it does my survivors can make do with what we have”. Specifically with disability people always tell me that their group coverage is sufficient. As if we all can afford to take a 40% long term paycut. More importantly people do not understand (as Andrea now does) how their group disability policies work. Group providers want to get you off of claim as quickly as possible. If you can work for one day per week, they’ll cut off your coverage. They use their doctors to determine if you’re disabled. The deck is stacked against the employee. My wish for those of you who read this is to do three things. First, ask your HR department to get you the full details on your group policy. Not just the summary, but the whole policy. They have to give it you if you ask for it. If they don’t have it call your group provider directly and ask for it. Read it cover to cover to see if you have a policy similar to Andrea. Second, learn what the caps on coverage are. If you make $200k but your company caps your disability benefit at $5k per month, you don’t have the 60% long term salary coverage you think you do. You only have 30% coverage. Third, talk to someone about privately owned disability coverage to supplement your group coverage The language of these policies is much more favorable to you compared to group coverage. So if anything positive can come from Andrea’s awful situation, it’s that those of you reading this talk to your current advisor or seek one out and have a good purposeful conversation about your current disability and overall insurance insurance benefits. My regret is that I did not seek out Andrea and Paul years ago to have this conversation. Sorry for the length of this post, but as I said it hits home.

  7. well i had a private disability policy based on my salary in 1972,i had a heart attack following pit drip in 1975 during delivery.was fairly acute and serious[bty one in a million chance i was told!!] . The insurance co paid the measley amount after the appropriate wating period. then they came to see me after afew months to see if indeed i was diabled .THe fool told me he went to my hospital ,the personnel dept to check the authencity of my claim..i was livid .told him a few choice words,told him to leave my home,never to show his face and never to bother me.
    well they had their payback.after that they forgot to bill me for 15 years or so. then someone called me up and explained to me their up and were gracious,magnaminous enogh to tell me that they would not bill me for the payments they had not billed me for [i am sure it would not have been legal] but that i f I wanted to keep the coverage ,they will bill me annually . in my cool sagacity i decided to keek the policy.NOw comes the cherry on top-
    i became permanently disabled in 1998 and they ended up paying me for about 8 years till i turned 65. they used to issue policies that paid if you could not work in your specialty–not that i could work in anything.
    then i had to pick my battle with s.s. 1st time when they denied me i was so emotionally upset for being demeaned that i gaveup.2 years later i went to ss to apply for early benefits at 62,the agent told me to reapply and get the benefits retergrade .i started crying and said i could not go thru being insulted again and i could not go thru paperwork.she said she will do the paper work. the case went to higher level and i had to go to THEIR doctor but on that particular date i was helping my sister with ovarian cancer in texas. i was told they will have to close the case and restart from scratch. i called up the agent aho had encouraged me.her words”that is what they think!!!”well they rescheduled my appointment for another date. their doctor said you have to persist.i got my benefitsi retrograded to my 1st application.
    so moral is 1-for every asshole you meet there a lot of great people to help you 2 persist,fight for your rights cooly and calmly 3 ] there is a payback i know this is a long comment but readers may benefit from my painful experiences

  8. Ignorance is an amazing thing,,, coated with stupidity is more than anyone should have to deal with considering the hell you have been thru from cancer,, not to mention the chemo and surgeries ,, then U get the biggest Village Idiot Lincoln could conjur up…. Your in my prayers,,,,,,,,

  9. Sorry you are having such issues. I have been out of work for a year and a half. I’ve had 3 surgeries and continue to have issues related to them. Lincoln Financial did pay my 6 months of short term disability, but has refused to pay my LTD claim. This was based on a wrong date of enrollment. Even when I pointed it out to them, they still said that their decision to deny me stood. I had to hire a lawyer to fight it. I have been without income for 12 months now. It sucks. My car was repossessed, I had to file for bankruptcy and my credit is ruined. But I will not quit. This will go all the way to Federal Court if I have anything to say about it! Good luck and prayers for a quick recovery.

  10. Hi, everyone. I work for LFG…and I hate it. If you want your claim paid just make up a fake letter on lawyer letter head saying that you are now being represented. LFG is scared to death of lawyers and will pay the claim asap including back pay. No one is ever going to check to see if it is a real lawyer. Good luck.

  11. Just did a Google search on this topic and came across this. I just received my termination letter from the company for my short term disability; even though I still have a month to go. Their reason is improper documentation from my surgeon (major potentially life ending heart attack), and my surgeon has supplied documents from each and every visit and test. Not impressed with this company whatsoever.

    • Why don’t you call EEOC. If you are on medical leave there is not a time limit. FMLA is 12 weeks. Medical leave you return to work when your doctor says you can. This happened to me and I filed with EEOC and found out that my company lost 2 cases and that EEOC disliked the way my company handled the cases. They attacked the employee. You can submit and if they take your case the first thing they do is send the complaint and offer mediation or go to court. No need for lawyer because they represent you. You can get 50k up to 200k in mediation. You can check dept of labor, you can fuck your company up in litigation for years with much cost to them and none for you. Also see if you can publish in all papers in all cities your company is in and media damage will cost them 10000 times more than doing the right thing. Fuck em. You have the power

  12. Well sorry for your unending issues. Stinkin Lincoln is still at their SCAMS! Yes, they have it all planned out as to claimants on Short Term who are very ill going thru the 180 days of benefits and then going on Long Term which they know anyone who applies for Social Security Disability will be awarded on the 1st day of the 6th month of their disability. This in turn allows them to say they overpaid you and you must pay them back for both LTD & STD paid to you in that 6th month because you were awarded by SSDI to begin your benefits for that month, even though you don’t receive them until the following month! We were always told that LTD was handled behind the scenes. No one could ever give us a straight answer until we finally were put in contact with a stupid LTD specialist who informed us we would have to pay Lincoln back for anything SSDI gives us. Even if it takes 2 years or more to hear from SSDI, we will be expected to repay Lincoln from our first day of Long Term, because they have a stupid SCAM going. They take your premiums for many years, yet when you need assistance, they give you the run around to get out of paying you anything or as little as possible! This is what has been happening to my husband during these last 8 months and he’s been dealing with a major bleeding issue requiring platelet transfusions to live! Tell people to invest the amount of their premiums and get more benefits than stinkin insurance policies that rip people off!

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  14. I just received a notice from Lincoln Financial stating that over $8,000 (my entire 401k built up from 18 months of work at my last job) is gone. I can log in still on the website, but it shows that I don’t have an account any more. It’s too late for me to call customer support, but it looks as though my money was just stolen. Does anyone have any insight on this type of problem. I had to really look on google for any negative chatter about Lincoln Financial, but I can assure you that if they did steal my money, they’ll probably regret it. If I verify that they conveniently “lost” my retirement, I will make a stink that will be worth a lot more than 8 grand. I can’t stand being cheated!

  15. They took my LTD from me saying that I could work another job even thought the doctor said I could not. I just received my Social Security judgement and it was retroactive since 2012. I asked them to give it back because the judge says I was disabled when they took it away. They said no and sent me a bill for over payment. I hope companies will think twice before buying their policies. I know the hospital I worked for has dropped them. I wish I knew who to call for help but attorneys I have called say it is not worth the fight

  16. Ugh, still dealing with the thieves, otherwise known as The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company. 4½ years after filing a disability claim, they have “offered” to settle for $0.10 on the dollar. Why are these insurance companies allowed to sell a policy that claims to pay a monthly amount if you become unable to work, when they never do? We need a class action suit.
    Lesson learned, disability insurance is a complete waste of money. Companies like The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company are unethical in their practices and they have successfully lobbied congress to favor their unethical practices.
    If you have a current policy, I urge you to look into your carrier to see if they have a history, like Lincoln, of bullying those of us who file a claim. The tactic seems to be to wear you down until you just settle for pennies out of desperation. If we did not plan ahead, pay off our home and cars, and carry zero credit card debt, we’d have been left homeless.
    Since we can get by on what we already have, I see no reason to settle for less than the coverage we paid for.

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