My Cousin is Gettin’ Hitched!

My cousin Neal recently proposed to his AMAZE girlfriend Heidi! They were vacationing in India when he popped the question. How romantic! Way to go Neal!

We are so excited to welcome Heidi to the fam. She is so great! So great, in fact, that she decided to join my other cousins for the Houston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in a few short weeks (April 20-21). Since she is a late entry, she still needs to raise her $1800 in donations in order to participate in the walk. If she’s unable to hit that mark, she can’t walk 😦

If you are able — please help support Heidi & Avon. I love that she jumped right in and wants to do this to support me and raise awareness about BC — such a good egg. It’s for a good cause and every little bit helps!

Here is the link to Heidi’s fundraising page.

The adorable couple

The adorable couple

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