Need your positive thoughts and prayers for Michele C

A fellow BC warrior friend is really up against hard times right now. Without going into a ton of details, please just direct your positive thoughts and energies toward Michele C.

She is an amaze spirits and she’s so strong so let’s all collectively get her out of the hospital and home to her kiddos!

Michele, your humor inspires me and your strength is unparalleled. I know what a long hospital stay is like 🙂 so hang in there and have your hubby find the blanket warmer 🙂

Much, much love!
Andrea & Paul

4 thoughts on “Need your positive thoughts and prayers for Michele C

  1. Our positive thoughts and blessings are with Michele and all who are suffering from the challenges of health. God bless

  2. Andrea,
    This was so nice of you to post this for me. I’m having trouble getting email while in the hospital and just received all of my messages from Thursday. Yes you do know about long hospital stays. I’ve finally hit my breaking point today because I’m hungry (still only on liquids), I stink (cannot shower fully and my problem is no better than when I arrived), I want to be outside with everyone else, I’m tired, I’m over all of it. My quality of life right now sucks. I know I need to believe it will get better as well as my health but that’s a little hard to understand from my perspective. Thank you again for your post. Your empathy and understanding means the world to me. Michele xoxoxo

    • I’m sending you so much love, support and strength! I’m not sure how all of this works, but I do know that even when you’re feeling beat down and at your ropes’ end — you will find more strength to carry on. You don’t know what an amazing fighter you are until you are forced to fight. And, damn Michele! you’re a GD heavyweight. You got this. You will bust out if there soon! Much love!

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