Sendin’ out a Giant Thank You

This post goes out to my cousins and all the Houston peeps who walked for breast cancer this past weekend.

Sonal, Shilpa, Ruchi and Heidi — I am so proud of each of you and want to thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to give back to the community and to help raise awareness about breast cancer and raise funds to assist fellow BC warriors.

I wish I could’ve been in Houston to walk and cheer the team on in person.  Since that wasn’t possible we FaceTimed each day and I virtually “walked” with them for a bit on the iphone (gotta love modern technology)! If you look closely at two of the pictures below, you’ll see my head on Sonal’s iphone!!!

Collectively, Team Andrea (aka Breast Foot Forward) raised just over $12,000 (amazing!) and the entire Avon Houston walk raised $2.1 million (wow!).

According to an email I got from Shilpa, the funds that she personally raised will help:

– 33 patients receive nutritious meals while undergoing treatment
– 21 uninsured people access to life-saving tests, such as a mammogram or a bone scan to see if breast cancer has spread
– 16 Uninsured Breast Cancer patients access chemotherapy treatment, and
– 4 new patients will receive bloodwork to determine the best course of treatment for their particular type of breast cancer
I’m running out of synonyms for the word “amazing” — but, holy cow — super cool, right?
I guarantee you that gal’s feet and knees are killing them after two days and 26.2 miles — but something tells me that it was worth it. They looked like they had a great time chatting and bonding along the route!
And to the SO’s in their lives who were there to cheer them along when they were getting tired, THANK YOU too! I know they appreciated the treats, coffee and wigs 🙂
You all ROCK in my book. How ’bout we all meet in McKinney in a few weekends and raise a glass to Heidi and Neal? Can’t wait to see you fools then! xoxo

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