Sick in Hawaii = Bummerpants

I wrote this one on May 21st:

We landed on Maui on Friday after my last chemo. I thought all would be well, but I was fighting a slight soar throat when we left. I’ve been so vigilant about staying away from germs, but maybe I let my guard down during my last week (I’m sure the 5 hour flight from SFO to Hawaii didn’t help).  All I know is that this nasty cold has taken hold and is wreaking havoc on my body presently.

Since we landed, I’ve pretty much been rendered to the bed or to a cot (aka lounge chair) poolside. On Sunday, I went to the gym, walked one mile and did my PT exercises. Then, later that same day, I thought I’d be fine to golf 18 holes. What? It’s resort golf, Paul pretty much drove me up to every single one of my shots — but, as it turns out, that was WAY too much.  I over did it BIG time. On Monday, I was down for the count. Literally. I think I managed an hour by the pool, then it was back to bed for me. I couldn’t move.

It was pretty scary to be honest. I’ve not felt that beat down the entire time during chemo. Everybody told me it’s “cumulative” and it will bite you. But they all told me it’d be my second to last, or last chemo, that would be the worst. Well, as always, I’m the exception to the rule, it’s the week after my last chemo that’s been horrific for me.

Every single inch of me hurts. My bones ache (like as in, I can’t hold my kindle upright for too long, b/c my wrist bones start to ache at their core), my teeth hurt, my scalp hurts, my skin aches, and did I mention my bones hurts? Like my ribs hurt — so every time I move, it’s just friggin’ painful.  Who knows — maybe the sun is making everything worse. But in my past experience, the sun always makes things better for me. A little vitamin D goes a long way to make me feel better 🙂

So fingers crossed this head cold of mine and these all-consuming body aches of mine will pass very, very soon. Ugh.

(PS – happy to report that my sickness only stuck around for a few days. I was feeling like myself again by the end of the week! Yay!)

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