Pre-Op Day

We are heading down to PAMF in about 30 minutes for my surgical pre-op appointment. Tomorrow I go under the knife yet again. This time I’ll be having my tissue expanders swapped out for permanent implants.

I’m not going to lie to you — I have been really, really nervous about this surgery for the past week or so.  I’ve been feeling sick and want to be sure I’m going into this operation with as much health and strength as I can muster.  Obviously, when I had my bi-lateral, I hadn’t just endured 6 months of grueling chemo. So I felt pretty confident about my recovery.

This time around, my body is so weakened from the chemo.  Case in point is this damn virus I’ve been fighting for over a week. At first we just thought it was a cold. Then when I saw Garrett, he put me on strong antibiotics to get me as healthy as possible before surgery.  Only problem was — 4 days into the antibiotic course, I felt even worse.  My bones ached more than ever, the muscles in my arms felt like I had bench pressed 500 pounds, my entire body was itchy and swelling up (I had to take off my wedding rings b/c they were so tight), I had sever GI issues and was throwing up for a couple days straight. NOT FUN. (Here’s something to ponder: I wonder how much of my illness was actually nerves about the surgery versus true virus….)

We decided to switch me over to tylenol, benadryl and gas x (yup, gas x!).  After another few days — I’m starting to feel human again! But now I’m even more scared about this surgery. I feel like I just went through hell — how can I put my body through even more trauma?

I’m actually really looking forward to seeing Dr. Hong today. I know he’ll be able to put my mind at ease and get me to relax leading up to this surgery. I also know that if, for some reason, it’s unsafe to perform the surgery, he’ll reschedule me (I hope it doesn’t come to this though b/c I HATE my tissue expanders and want them out).

Alrighty, well we have to run. I’ll update you on next steps later today!


4 thoughts on “Pre-Op Day

  1. Our thoughts are with you. Amazing you can consider that part of your distress may be nerves. From your past descriptions, your doctors sound very thorough and totally aware, so your trust in their judgment on the timing and handling of this next well placed. So it is good to hear that your visit today offers some peace of mind.

  2. Hi Dear Sweet Andrea,
    I feel a connection with you. The feeling is coming to me that you are going to breeze thru the surgery. Keep a positive attitude because our bodies are pretty darn strong. I, too, like you could not wait for the tissue expanders to come out. It was great to get them OUT. You are like half way thru this, correct? The rest is more manageable, a bit! Any more chemo? I do know that ones attitude helps in so many ways. When I worked at the CA Treatment Ctr that was one constant we observed. The docs agreed. I am sorry, but I lost tract of your care. Baby Girl, I have you covered! Go to surgery with a peaceful mind and heart! Let Mama Marikay carry you thru this one. Trust!

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