Surgery Is A Go

Met with Dr. Hong and we are a go for tomorrow.  I’m all marked up with the purple marker (I look like a sorority hazing ritual gone bad).

No food or drink after midnight tonight. We arrive at the SurgiCenter at noon tomorrow for a 1:30 procedure. All in, it should take him about 2-2.5 hours. Then I’ll go to recovery for an hour.

That ought to put us home by around 6:30pm with traffic.

Now to keep myself occupied (and out of my head) for the rest of the day. The worst thing I can do right now is psych myself out. I do believe I’m going to allow myself to watch hours and hours of endless tv today. Real Housewives of NJ, here I come!

I’ll probably post tomorrow morning before we head out. After that, I’ll leave the updating to Paul.

Please send all good thoughts/vibes my way tomorrow! 

I can taste the finish line people………….

10 thoughts on “Surgery Is A Go

  1. Good luck Andrea – I’m sending u tons of good vibes for a quick surgery & easy recovery! Time to put an end to this life chapter – buy bye cancer, don’t let the door hit ya on the way OUT! Xxx

  2. My positive vibes will be with you tomorrow. You are almost done! This is just another phase of your life. My love and prayers and happy thoughts for you tomorrow. I will be with you in spirit!
    Love ya, Mamma MK

  3. Andrea, You have been to hell and back. You will come through this with flying colors. The worst is over. Stay positive, and focus on the “finish line”. How exciting, this will be over tomorrow. Prayers your way! Hugs to Paul and you, Diane K

  4. The girl sounds like she’s got an attitude…good to hear…will be sending the energy of our warm thoughts your way for tomorrow.

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