Happy Birthday America!

Hope everybody had an amazing Fourth of July yesterday. Sorry I didn’t have time to post anything. Our morning was rocky. Not sure what happened with my body, but I was laid up all morning running back and forth to the bathroom. Paul was great. He kept me company, rubbed my back and made me Campbell’s chicken noodle soup when I was feeling up to eating.

Oddly, this phenomena has hit me two or three times since chemo ended. Not sure if it’s just my new reality (ugh, would suck if I now have such a weak stomach that I barf at the drop of a dime), or if this is just a passing thing.

Finally, by about 3pm I was feeling better enough to take a shower, put on a cute dress and some make up and head over to Bob, Sarah, Grace and Dylan’s. We hung at their house for a bit then went to their country club for a special 4th of July dinner/buffet.

I surprised myself with how much I ate given how lousy my stomach felt earlier in the day. But it all worked out fine in the end. No further GI complications ensued 🙂

Paul and I decided not to push it and and stay and watch fireworks. So we headed back to the city and Lucy. Once home, we could’ve climbed to the top of our roof to watch the SF fireworks in all their glory. But instead we snuggled into bed and rented Apollo 13.

I, of course, fell asleep half way through, so I need to go finish watching it right now before the rental expires!

Hope the rest of you had as much fun as we did (though our day may sound lame to some of you, I thought it was great!)

Thanks Bob and Sarah for having us!

Tonight we are off to see World War Z in 3D — I hope it doesn’t suck balls, and I hope the 3D doesn’t make me queasy 😉 lol

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. I’m so excited to see that someone else uses the term “suck balls”! Everything kind of has a ball theme in my world. It can be “hot as balls” or sometimes I am “balls tired”. Here’s to us and our balls!

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