One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So I decided to color my hair. Depending who you talk to, this was a really good idea, or a really bad idea. Some say you should wait 5-7 months post chemo to color your hair, others say you need to wait until you have at least two inches of hair growth to color, and still others say, F it all, color it whenever the hell you feel like it.

My oncologist was in the third bucket. He said go for it while I was still in chemo! I also consulted with my fellow TNBC sisters in my Facebook group, many of whom dyed early on, and everything worked out just fine.

The reason many people wait a bit longer is because, as you know, chemo basically poisons your body. While the half life of chemo is pretty fast (it leaves your body within a day or so of entering through the IV) the lingering effects hold on for quite some time after chemo is all done. There are women out there who have colored their hair and it turned orange. I suppose the assumption is that the hair follicle still had poison in it, so it took the color funny.

I decided to chance it at 8 weeks out. I just was tired of looking in the mirror and seeing all that silver hair starring back at me. Plus, I turn 38 next Wednesday, and I really didn’t want silver hair for my birthday. I want to feel my age after all I’ve been through.

So I dyed it. I was terrified the whole time I sat in Kelly’s chair. I was scared all my hair would just fall out, or turn orange. In the end, all was fine. My hair didn’t fall out and is light brown and silver now! She trimmed around my ears a bit and them she used a semi-permanent color to start. Neither of us wanted to push our luck. Since we used a semi — I didn’t get 100% coverage, so my hair is still salt n’ pepper — it’s just brown pepper!

So that is my “one step forward” part of the story. Now for the “two steps back” part.

I’ve been noticing a lot of pain underneath my right implant. At my one week post-op appointment, Dr. Hong said all looked good and I didn’t have to see him again for three months. I felt like I graduated to big girl land! But, at two weeks post op, I keep getting stabbing/shooting pains at the bottom of my implant right along the surgical incision.

This morning I woke up and was feeling around my new boobs. My left one felt pretty soft and supple everywhere, including along the surgical incision. But my right one has a hard lump about an inch and a half long running along the bottom. This can’t be good. DAMNIT.

I called Dr. Hong’s office and his week is completely booked, but they are going to squeeze me in this Friday. Please cross your fingers that this is no big deal. I can’t, nee, don’t even want to entertain the thought that there might be something wrong. Maybe it’s just scar tissue that I need to massage?

Ugh, I guess I’ll know more on Friday. Until then, here are some pics of my hair appointment.

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3 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. I want to be a member of your TNBC group on fb! It’s all about me you know!

    Ugh to your breast implant issue. Please, please, please get that checked out and be persistent. You are your best advocate. Soft is good, hard not so much. Of course we are talking about implants here folks and nothing more than that!!

    Dying your hair means YOU HAVE HAIR! Woot woot! That is awesome since it was just yesterday that you had your head shaved in Hawaii! Well it seems like yesterday at least. Remember time flies when you’re having fun!

    I met with my plastic surgeon yesterday. He was very impressed with the information I had regarding breast implants. Thank you Andrea for being my pioneer. I don’t have to make any final decisions until swap out and that is not until at least October. Will you remind me what you decided on for implants?

    Just got home from my stent surgery. My urologist pulled it out and didn’t have to replace it. Fantastic news! Now I’m laying in bed watching your favorite show….Guiliana and Bill. Kind of disappointed that it’s only a recap of last season. I’m ready to live again vicariously through their jet setting lives!

    Please keep us posted on the implant issue. I hope it is nothing. You deserve smooth sailing from this point forward.

    Going to search for you on fb right now! Happy Wednesday!


  2. Hi Friend!

    So good to hear from you and congrats on being DONE with chemo. Also, huge congrats on a successful stent surgery! Only uphill from here! Are G & B the best? Their new season starts next Tuesday, I can’t wait!

    As for my implants, I got the Allergan Natrelle 410 highly cohesive anatomically shaped silicone-filled breast implants. My PS had each filled with 595cc’s.

    So far so good except for the pain and the lump. Stay tuned for more info on that, hopefully its scar tissue and not an absess. Yikes..

    Enjoy the rest of your day relaxing, you deserve it!

    Heck, I deserve it too. I’m going to go put on my jammies, get in bed and rent a movie! Yay!

    • Um yes you deserve to rest and watch a movie! Wish I lived closer so we could hang and watch movies together!

      Thanks for the info on the implants. You have a special note under my iPhone notes. All good things Andrea live there! Thank you!! 😃

      I’m a total reality TV whore. Here are two of my new favs!

      1. I’m Having Their Baby (on Oxygen)
      2. Pretty Wicked Moms (Lifetime I think. There are no words for this train wreck of a show. But I still keep watching of course!)
      3. Of course anything on Bravo!

      Enjoy your movie!

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