Plastic Surgeon Update

Just a quick update for ya’ll. I met with Dr. Hong yesterday and he said all is well with my implants.  The hard bit I felt was indeed scar tissue and he said that’s normal and actually needed to some degree because the implants are really bottom heavy — so when he closed me up, he had to make sure the stitches/incisions would be strong enough to hold the implants in place.

We also talked about the shooting pains I’ve been having. He said those are a separate, but equally normal issue.  The pains are just my nerves regenerating and coming back to life.  He said I might experience those for as long as six months.

The other big update is that I no longer need to wear tape to cover my scars. He wants me to let them breathe, scab over and do what they need to do. I suspect keeping them covered for over two weeks contributed to some of the localized pain I was feeling.

Then I asked for the all clear to go to Vegas. He said I’m good to go, but if I lay out by the pool, I have to fold a towel over my boobs. He said the skin isn’t right yet and will burn super easy (then he scolded me for wanting to lay out in the sun at all! Oh Dr. Hong, how I love your paternal ways!).

So, now that I’m armed with the reassurance and peace of mind that I needed, I’m 100% on for Vegas. Whoot, whoot. Can’t wait to see all my S&D peeps!

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