That Stings

Today I REALLY miss my long hair. I was driving home on Valencia and noticed that a Blow Out bar is under construction 4 blocks from my house. Damnit all to hell. Ugh. I hate cancer and chemo and my short, ugly stupid hair.

Oh, here’s what else I hate. This is what my RX situation looks like when I go away for 2 and a half days:


3 thoughts on “That Stings

  1. Been following your blog for awhile, not sure if i have commented yet =) i just had my last chemo last week. Dr said i can take biotin. i have tiny little baby blonde hairs (hardly noticeable). I got biotin, coconut hair oil and castor oil to help my hair. I see you have folic acid to, maybe i should add that to my regimen! have yiou noticed anything help alot??

    • Hi Becca! I follow you too! Congrats on your last chemo. It’s such a great feeling isn’t it. I only take biotin for my hair — not sure if I can really tell any difference. I’m still slightly thin in my crown. If that thickens up, I’d credit the biotin for sure. But you’ll have to stay tuned for that!
      The Folic Acid is just to try and prep my body for a baby one day. Figure I might as well start taking it sooner rather than later!
      I just layered in an oil for my hair too. It happened to come in this month’s Birchbox, so I figured what the hell! If it works, I’ll send you the info (It smells pretty good!).

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