Hoopla 2013 Recap

I had a blast at Hoopla this year and would be remiss if I didn’t thank Tracey S. and Julie S. for making me an honorary Gem Fatale for the event (they even let me crash their team picture at the VIP dance party!)

I’m happy to report that I did a decent job of pacing myself. The first day I pushed it, I mean, who wouldn’t — it’s the fashion show and the new line reveal. But it was so nice to see all of the Stylists and Home Office team — I just was running around like a crazy person visiting with everybody.

After the fashion show I went back to my room to change and rest, then hit up the Gem Fatale’s team party.  Tracey let me escape to her room to lay down for a spell before we pushed on to Tysh’s Diamond Jubilee (thank you to Tracey for letting me use your tempurpedic pillow and to Christy G. for giving me the bracelet off your wrist to get into the party — it pays to know people, and Tysh’s sister, in particular!!).  Tysh’s party was off the chain — she and her hubby are a real inspiration!  Tracey and Julie, always the mama bears, made sure I was in bed at a decent hour. They walked me back to my hotel room and had me there by 10:45. I then proceeded to order room service and talk on the phone until midnight. Win some, lose some!

On Day 2, I attended a ton of training. It was awesome to be able to sit through the actual training and not be running around behind the scenes as a HO employee. I really learned a lot about my personal business and got pretty amped up! I had lunch and dinner in my room and got into my jammies. I was dragging and knew my body needed the break. But, then at around 8:30 it was time for the DJ-O dance party at The Chateau.  Katie (my pal and Dir of PR for S&D) and I walked over together. Sadly, I got carded and was stupid enough not to bring my ID with me. What? This is Vegas, do they really card people? Apparently, yes they do. So we got split up b/c I had to head back to my room to get my license.

Once back at the party, I headed up to the VIP rooftop (again, pays to know peeps and work for HO!). I saw a bunch of my friends from Home Office and was hanging with them for a few minutes before my mama bears swooped in and nabbed me.  They took me back to their team’s banquet and I mainly hung out there (b/c everybody else was dancing on top of the banquets, I had a nice cushy seat for my lazy bum!). I also hung in Tysh’s section, with my HO peeps and at the bar 🙂

I promised myself I’d leave at 10:30 latest. Yeah, right. At a little past midnight, I got a text from Katie (who I still hadn’t seen since the ID debacle). She was in the DJ booth and wanted me to join all the other HO peeps. I passed (so mature of me, right?!) and went back to my room to rest. Proud of myself for making grown up decisions. It’s really hard when you’re in such a fun environment. And those of you who know me — know I love to paaaaart-hey!

Good thing I didn’t go to the DJ booth too, I saw Maddie the next day icing her foot and, ultimately, I saw that she ended up with a cast before she even left Vegas. I suppose I just broke the cardinal rule of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Whoopsies!

After the club, on my walk back to my room, I ran into Dana, who BTW, was a dancing machine together with Ha! It was nice to catch up with her for a bit.

Day 3 saw more training as well as my 38th birthday. I didn’t tell anybody at Hoopla it was my bday b/c I didn’t want to make a big deal. But I did duck out of training early to grab some vino and play the slots. Happy to report that after feeding close to 80 bucks into the damn Wheel of Fortune slot, I won it all back plus a little at some other slot. Yay me!

Then I flew home to Paul and Lucy and we went out for a birthday dinner (and, as you know from my previous post, my real birthday surprise was yet to come!)

So, what did I take away from Hoopla? Well, for one, I’m able to make the right decisions for myself in order to care for my post cancer body. Two, it’s always amazing to be surrounded by such an inspiring group of people. Three, the training was AH-MAZE. Danielle is fantastic at her job. D, you’d be proud of me — I just reached out to three potential hostesses and planted the seed for future Trunk Shows! Four, if you are going to spill a glass of wine on the CEO, Jessica Herrin, you pray that she doesn’t remember it was you who did it (yup, party foul by me on Day 1 — maybe I can play the cancer card if she remembers?!).

To the amazing and incomparable Home Office team and a special shout out to the Field Dev team, in particular — HOORAY to you. Congratulations on a spectacular event

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