Addendum to the Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Cancer

Another tidbit for the category of ‘shit nobody tells you about cancer and chemo’:

  • Your teeth will be completely destroyed, and it will cost a fortune to fix

Yup, that’s right. I finally went to my dentist after I was all done with chemo, and I have $2500 worth of dental work that needs to be done. I had a cracked tooth, an old crown needs to be replaced and I need a new crown. And that’s just the stuff my dentist said was a “high priority”. What?

OK, so if you track back through my blog, you’ll see that during ACT chemo, patients are not allowed to floss or really go after cleaning their teeth on days 3-5 post chemo infusion.  If you’re getting chemo every week, that doesn’t leave much time for dental care. You’re pretty much laid up on infusion day and the day after. Flossing is not at the front of your mind — not barfing is. Then, by Day 6, you’re just starting to freak out about your next infusion, and again, thoughts of flossing go out the window once again.

No wonder I was always complaining that my teeth ached during chemo. They were all rotting and breaking.

So my dear readers, if you’re currently on this journey. Please do your best to actually floss on Days 1,2, 6 and 7. Your pocketbook will thank you, I promise!

Good times!

One thought on “Addendum to the Girlfriend’s Guide to Breast Cancer

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