My new travel reality

So here’s the reality of my travel life. Picture number one: pretty decent looking outfit for a redeye, right? Well, take a look at picture number two. That’s the reality of air travel for me. A compression sleeve and gauntlet to prevent lymphedema. This is one of the worse parts of post cancer life. I feel like a leper in the security line when I have to take my hoodie off. I feel like everyone is looking at me. Oh! And PS compression sleeve makers — brown people get cancer too. We could use sleeves in non-white person flesh tone. Thank you.

On the bright side, I don’t have lymphedema — so life could be worse…way worse.

Counting my blessings as we fly east to visit family and friends.



5 thoughts on “My new travel reality

  1. Sometimes it is the obvious that is so elusive. I have the feeling you have been getting looks for a long time….it comes from natural good looks ( thanks to mr and mrs g) , an engaging attitude, and a sparkling personality. Plus, you have to realize that with all the athletic competitions and sports activities going on ( the Iron this and that; 5k, 10k, Ok run; tour de jour, etc.) you look like you are in some kind of sports competition. My guess is they probably think you are some famous tennis star…very common for them to take the red eye. So for the next trip get a racket to carry….and when they ask for the autograph….sign it.

    • Agreed that lymphedivas has awesome designs. But my physical therapist said they don’t compress enough for my needs (long haul flights, as opposed to daily wear). But they are damn cute!

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