Rent the Runway

Not sure if anyone out there really gives a damn one way or the other — but my Rent the Runway dresses arrived today.

The one by Thakoon was impossibly horrendous on me (there will be no photos of it).

The other, by a brand I’ve never heard of before, Camilla and Marc, was pretty darn good. That dress is the winner, winner chicken dinner.

For shits and giggles, I put on my back-up blue and white dress (the one pictured in my last post) tonight, and sadly, I look like a sausage squeezed into it. No matter how much I suck in (and I refuse to wear spanx at this point in my life) it just wasn’t happening!

So thank god for RTR! Here’s the frock/potato sack I’m wearing. At least I know I’ll be super comfy and can eat and drink as much as my heart desires! And isn’t that what a wedding is really all about? Giving yourself up to the festivities and love with abandon? Well, that’s my plan! I love weddings so much!!

I have to admit that my boobs look pretty good/natural. Dr. Hong — good job!!!

Now all I have to do is pick out jewelry to accompany my new favorite dress — and what in the heck to do with this crazy mop of weird discolored curls on my head (I swear I look like a sheep on drugs!)

Apologies for the lighting in the pics. My overhead light is blown out…







5 thoughts on “Rent the Runway

  1. I love love love this on you! I thought the other dress looked fab on you but this one is totally the winner. As any girl can attest to, it’s all about being comfy when you want to have an exceedingly good time! Winner, winner chicken dinner for sure! Have fun and congrats to the bride and groom! Now you will walk into that wedding with complete confidence because you FEEL good and LOOK good! Priceless!

  2. WoW. Thanks for the intro to Rent the Runway….the best part is the fashion show you put on…. fabulous….would have liked to have seen the other dresses…even if you didn’t think they were that good, it would have been a night out for many of us. Hope to see pix of the finished production at the wedding and all the other divas.

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