3 Month Check-Up

In the past two weeks I’ve met with both Dr. Hong and Dr. Smith for my three month check-up.

Dr. Hong said my implants are healing nicely. We talked through my concerns about shooting pain, scar tissue build up and itchiness (oh yeah, I don’t think I’ve mentioned the last one only blog yet. Yup, my implants itch from time to time — but there’s no way to scratch them and relieve the itchy sensation. Remember when you were little and got a cast on your arm or leg? — and it itched deep inside the cast, but you couldn’t reach that spot to scratch? Well that’s the sort of itching I’m talking about — but it’s my entire chest). He assured me that everything is healing fine and the pain and itching are my nerves/sensation coming back. Whoa! What?

I’ve spoken with a lot of recon survivors and most have little to no sensation. I prepared myself for that reality, and feel fortunate that I do have some feeling around the tops of my foobs. The other night I put Dr. Hong’s theory to the test. I closed my eyes and made Paul touch my foobs in different spots and I let him know when I could feel it. I got 9 out of 10!

For comparison sake, we did this same test a few months ago and I only felt about half of the time (the middle to lower part of my foobs being the trouble area).

I’m still not quite prepared to believe this yet — it’s seems a little too good to be true. But I’m keeping an open mind. When the pain or itch strike, I remind myself it’s for a greater cause and in the long run I’ll be so much happier if I can regain additional sensation — no matter how slight.

Dr. Hong also confirmed that I’m still swollen from the exchange surgery. Hopefully all that swelling will drain by December at our 6 month check-up appointment.

On to Garrett (aka Dr. Smith). My tumor marker was a 6 (yay!) and the rest of my bloodwork came back in range (although I did have a slightly elevated white blood cell count and slightly above normal temperature). I passed his physical exam as well. I was glad he really got into, and felt up, my foobs, armpits, ribs etc. I like knowing two of us are being vigilant and on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.

Oh, it’s also worth mentioning that I’m still a bit tachycardic. I have been ever since my Adria leak/port infection back in February. Right now, on a good day, my resting heart rate is in the high 70’s. More often than not, however, its in the high 80’s or 90’s. Which means when I exert myself a little (ie. go for a walk, do some squats etc) my heart rate shoots up to 120-155. That’s high people!

So, I really need to work on re-conditioning my body and getting my strength back. Nothing new about that last sentence! That’s what I work on everyday!

So, long story short. I’m still dancing with NED and will see both doctors again in December for my 6 month.

In celebration of this good news, I woke up this morning and dismantled the cancer TV in the armoire of our master bedroom and relocated it to the guest room. It’s a gigantic step for me mentally. I’m pretty damn proud of myself right now! Lol

Sayonara old pal. I hope you take as good care of our guests as you did me…


One thought on “3 Month Check-Up

  1. Good news….you are making great progress!!! Also, I like the TV in the guest room since when I can’t sleep, I watch TV. Thanks… Love, Diane

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