Yesterday kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I wanted to post about this because many BC survivors feel conflicted about this month.

Some survivors get annoyed that everyone makes such a big deal about breast cancer for one month, then it seemingly drops off the radar for the remaining 11 months. But it is precisely during those other 11 months that folks with breast cancer are continuing their fight.

Others are chaffed by the fact that the focus of the month has been commercialized. It’s all about buying pink stand mixers, t-shirts, bags, bracelets, sweatshirts, blenders etc.

Finally there is very real concern that the proceeds of the pink sales aren’t really going anywhere or funding anything.

I agree with all of the above concerns, but don’t want people to lose focus on the bigger picture…

So my ultimate take on Pinktober is that it’s a catalyst for discussion — and that’s a good thing.  Talk with you girlfriends, coworkers, family members and people in your community about self exams. Know your body, touch your boobies.  Learn about early detection efforts.  Find out about your family history with cancer (both maternal and paternal going back two to three generations if possible).  Figure out your insurance and what it covers.  You can’t turn on the television and NOT hear about BC awareness — so embrace it and educate yourself.  Don’t forget to take all of the education you get this month and keep it with you the rest of the year and continue to do self-exams.

And, if you want to buy pink things — do your research and feel comfortable that the proceeds are going to a legit company and or cause. Don’t just hop on the bandwagon. Be smart about it.

Just my two cents….


2 thoughts on “Pinktober

  1. hi andrea…all excellent points! thought i would share that new balance (who still manufactures shoes in the good ol’ U S of A!) does legitimately give large sums of money each year to komen (if you support their endeavors)…when i worked in finance there, i was personally responsible for ensuring that the donations due from the sale of our pink ribbon footwear and apparel were correctly calculated and delivered…

    hope to meet you soon! adriana

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