The Obsession Continues

Shadin and I had a wonderful day together. We lunched at the Rotunda at NM,


Then walked over to the Westfield, where we both scored some pretty ah-maze Tory Burch diddies. Just say YES to friends and family and a little good ‘ole haggling! Hmm hmm, we haggled for additional discounts for having to buy the floor samples. None of that is beneath us 🙂

When we walked into Bloomies, we saw a picture of Giuliani Rancic. I didn’t think much of it. it being October and all. But I decided to investigate further. Turns out, my BFF Giuliana will be here in SF tomorrow hosting a BCA event with Bright Pink (the non-profit she partners with).


Yup, I did it. I bought Paul and I tickets. This is the first breast cancer non-profit I’ve decided to support since my DX. It was a big decision. But I know Giuliani and Lindsay Avner will put our $100 to good use making a BC survivors wish come true.

Fingers crossed we actually get to meet Giuliana tomorrow. OH EM GEE, OMG, OMG……

I feel like a little kid the night before school. What on earth should I wear????

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