Friends don’t let friends do chemo alone

As I write this I’m at UCSF sitting with Emily and Nisha as they get their chemo.

It’s weird to sit around people getting chemo. When I first got into the infusion room — I’m not gonna lie — I felt really lightheaded and a bit queasy. Just the smell of “hospital” hit me like a ton of bricks. But I purposefully slowed my breathing, forced myself to look around and take it all in — face my fear. After a few minutes, all was fine.

What’s also interesting for me to think about is that one year ago today — was my last day as a non-cancer person. On October 10th last year, I was naively oblivious to what was coming in less than 24 hours.

But enough about me — here are some pics of Emily and Nisha. I’ve never seen an infusion room so lively. Pretty sure the other patients on this floor are super annoyed at us. We are loud and crazy!




2 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends do chemo alone

  1. My Dear Andrea,
    The girls are so lucky to have you with them. You are so very brave to return to the place “where life changed”. You are a great inspiration to many women! By the way Andrea, you look amazingly beautiful. I love your “Hailey Barry” hair. You rock!
    Love, Mamma MK

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