Inspiration Part 5

I thought I faced my bi-lateral mastectomy with grace and courage. But a fellow BAYS sister, Deborah took the cake this past Tuesday morning. Check out the write up on her in the Huffington Post as well as her YouTube flashmob video.

While cancer sucks, for sure. I’m so happy to have met incredible women like Deborah along this journey.  So proud of Deborah and UCSF for allowing her to be fully in her body moments before surgery. You can feel the joy in the room. Amazing, just amazing.

Sending dance-y healing vibes your way Deb…..

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Part 5

  1. I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE out how to send that to you,, but then thought someone musta already,,,, pretty amazing stuff,,,,,, but seeing you the day after your surgeury(may have been ur 1st day home),,, you were a TROOPER,,, TRYING TO SMILE and clearly in so much pain,,,, IM STILL MOVED BY YOUR STRENGTH….:):):)

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