Weigh In Wednesday

We’re one month into the cleanse! I know you’re all morbidly curious — so I shall appease you:

8 pounds lost
Body water % up 1.1
Muscle Mass % up .7
Bone Mass % down .2
Body Fat %* down 1.6

*all of my %’s are now within the “normal” range for a woman in the 30-39 age range. When I started I was in the “above normal” range (Gasp!)

How do I know all of this? My amazing Vitagoods Digital Body Analyzer. This scale is the bomb. They also have an app where you can input all of your data and track your progress.

Off to the gym…..


2 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. I had to go back and re read what is off the list of things you can eat and drink on The Cleanse…and I am pretty sure under the Geneva Convention it would be considered mistreatment of Prisoners of War. So Congrats to you on staying the course….thanks for sharing your results… good to hear that they are reinforcing you in your goal. Love following this suspense filled episode and look forward to each installment. The Instagram pix are great. See that Paul is doing the aerobic karate “Snow On, Snow Off” move…very healthy…did the cleanse mean there was no trip to Ted’s for hot dogs and no chicken wings? Hmmm this nutrition stuff has some powerful cultural ramifications.

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