I Heart DIY

Before I launch into this post I wanted to say thank you for all the WP and FB responses to my breast v. bottle post. It was really nice to hear from so many of you — and thank you again for your kind words and support.

Moving on! Since I’m not working, I’ve been busying myself with baby prep.  And, as I’m sure you know (or can imagine), babies are spendy. So I’ve been trying to get creative in order to stretch the ole pocketbook. My latest obsession has been to locate cute artwork to hang above the dresser/changing table in the nursery.  In general, I’m not a frilly frou frou type of gal, so our nursery is decidedly gender neutral!  A little too gender neutral as it turns out,  so I decided that we need to add something to signal that its a girl kidlet room.

My research began on Pinterest where I pinned a million versions of the same sort of artwork to my baby board.  I’m in love with an installation of 4 or more prints in complimentary colors (think: grey, white and pink OR green, white and pink OR blue, green and white etc.).  Thankfully the prints I’ve fallen in love with can be purchased on Etsy and are pretty affordable — it’s the framing that screws you. Sure, I could take a trip to Ikea and buy some cheap frames. But that’s too many steps for me. I want more immediate gratification.

So I had the brilliant idea to make my own nursery artwork! Off to the craft store I went.  All in, my homemade installation cost me $90. Not to shabby, egh?  I’m betting the Etsy route would’ve cost at least double that amount (after framing), if not more.

I’ll let the pictures below tell the rest of the story (click on pics for caption).




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