I’m One Year Old Today!

One year ago Nora came howling into our lives. I knew my heart would explode, but I could never imagine feeling love this intensely. Sometimes my heart hurts because I love her so damn much!

Every single detail about my little girl is etched on my heart. She is so bright, joyful and energetic. She’s guaranteed to steal your heart when you meet her (unless she’s going through a stranger-danger phase).

Being a stay at home mom has not been without its challenges, but I wouldn’t trade it in for all the money in the world. I’ve never, ever, worked so hard, or been so utterly exhausted (both physically and emotionally), however, the reward of watching this little human grow is so worth it. I love that I get to see the world through her eyes. To rediscover all of life’s little moments with her, side by side. I also live for her laugh. There is no sound quite as glorious.

You know you’re head over heels in love when being barfed on doesn’t phase you in the least — your main concern is that she’s OK. When you Nose Frida her buggers straight into your mouth (damn you Nose Frida, you work TOO well sometimes!). When you, for some odd reason, always smell of her poop. When you’ve no problem acting a fool just to try and get a smile out of her when she’s sick. When you’ve also no problem singing out loud like a crazy person (“Hello, hello, hello to the doggie. Hello, hello, hello to the tree. Hello, hello, hello to the sky. Everybody say hello…..”) to her when she’s in the stroller and you’re pushing her along crowded city streets.

Here’s your monthly update on my girl: Nora is one year old today (gah!). She’s a pro at walking and climbing stairs. She really loves snuggling with Maisey and petting her fur. She’s finally cutting some teeth (lucky us, she’s cutting 3 at once, oy). She loves to read, dance and make music. Her daddy taught her to growl (which is one of her favorites), to make a cutting sound when she uses her toy saw to saw her torso in half, and to make a flying sound when she swings her toys around in the air. She can say “dada” “dog” “hi” ‘bye” and “bottle”. She shakes her head back and forth to say “no” when she’s not into something. And she absolutely loves to mimic everything we say and do (time to start watching our P’s and Q’s). I feel like she does something new every day, but the above is all I can think of at the moment 🙂

OK, off to spend this special day with my love!


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