10/2012: Me? I’m just your average girl who just so happens to be up against a few crappy things, like infertility and breast cancer. But I’ve got my amazing husband, Paul, by my side, supporting me every step of the way! This blog is simply my outlet — it helps me to stay sane during this crazy ride. I hope you enjoy it….

3/2015: Happy to report that I overcame cancer and infertility! I’m currently NED and delivered our daughter, Nora, on January 7, 2015. Dreams really do come true…..

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  1. Sending love, support and strength to you both for the upcoming days. We’re not worried even a little – we know you are strong enough to beat this. We just hate that you have to go through it. Shout/whisper/gesture if you need anything at all, we’ll come running.

  2. Andrea,,, This is Devin, (your UPS Driver),, and As I have seen you in such visible pain,(in the past after surgeury) but you wouldnt know it from your upliftifting atitude, and personality, YOU TRUELY ARE AN INSPIRIATION TO ANYONE WHO MEETS YOU, that learns your struggles,, as I watched my father battle cancer, I see some of his fight in you, and this has me in awe of your (Im gonna kick cancers ass with a smile atitude) is such a blessing to see you kick its ass,,,, If your ok with it, Id like to post ur blog address on my FB page, last week I aSKED PEOPLE ON FB TO PRAY FOR YOU, AND A DOZEN OR SO DID AND DO,,, thank you for your uplifting spirit, and tell your husband I think he is a very, very blessed man, and Im sure Ill, meet him some day as many deliveries you get,,,,hahahha Have a blessed week vbeautiful

    • Hi Devin! Thank you for the kind words! Yes, please feel free to share my blog on your Facebook. If I can help someone out there catch it early, then I’ll have done my job!

  3. I was recently diagnosed with TNBC at 38. I am so impressed by your blog. I am currently through 3/8 of the dose dense 4AC+4T regimen, then surgery, then radiation. I have long way to go with this bald head of mine. You inspire me to keep looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. Keep writing – you are helping others!

  4. I was recently diagnosed with TNBC two months ago at 35, and didn’t have time for fertility options as we had to start chemo quickly. I’m 5/16 through the dose of 12 weekly taxol + carbo followed by 4AC every three weeks, then surgery and radiation.

    Some days I go into dark dark corners and think about how to go on with the weight of worry of recurrence, but most days, I make the best out of everyday as long as I can get out of bed.

  5. Dear Andrea,

    I am currently battling metastatic breast cancer and stumbled across your blog this morning. I have read many of your posts and it gives me hope and makes me feel less alone in this isolated Covid world. Having cancer sucks, having cansar during Covid is a whole other level of sucks. Thank you so much for documenting and sharing your experience.



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