Peak Hike Pics

Incredible day yesterday! The hike was hard, I’m not gonna lie! The first 3.5/4 miles were uphill, then the downhill side was filled with crazy switchbacks in the beating down sun. But we loved every minute of it — gabbing away and encouraging each other! Love my BAYS friends so very much. Thank you to all who donated to the hike! xoxo

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

This Sunday is my three-year cancerversary. What? I can’t believe it’s been THREE years since I was diagnosed.

To mark the day, I’m going to do a 7-mile hike on Mt. Tamalpais for the Breast Cancer Fund’s Peak Hike for Prevention. I’ll be joining hundreds of women and men, including a bunch of my BAYS friends, in supporting the Breast Cancer Fund, which is taking one step at a time to stop breast cancer before it starts. If you’re so inclined, please donate to my hike and join me in supporting the Breast Cancer Fund’s trailblazing work to eliminate the environmental causes of the disease. Here’s my fundraising page!

I’m so excited to be out in the fresh air, blood pumping through my still cancer-free body, laughing and bonding with my pals. Life is damn good! Now let’s all just say a quick prayer that my out-of-shape-ass makes it to the finish line 🙂