Sendin’ out a Giant Thank You

This post goes out to my cousins and all the Houston peeps who walked for breast cancer this past weekend.

Sonal, Shilpa, Ruchi and Heidi — I am so proud of each of you and want to thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to give back to the community and to help raise awareness about breast cancer and raise funds to assist fellow BC warriors.

I wish I could’ve been in Houston to walk and cheer the team on in person.  Since that wasn’t possible we FaceTimed each day and I virtually “walked” with them for a bit on the iphone (gotta love modern technology)! If you look closely at two of the pictures below, you’ll see my head on Sonal’s iphone!!!

Collectively, Team Andrea (aka Breast Foot Forward) raised just over $12,000 (amazing!) and the entire Avon Houston walk raised $2.1 million (wow!).

According to an email I got from Shilpa, the funds that she personally raised will help:

– 33 patients receive nutritious meals while undergoing treatment
– 21 uninsured people access to life-saving tests, such as a mammogram or a bone scan to see if breast cancer has spread
– 16 Uninsured Breast Cancer patients access chemotherapy treatment, and
– 4 new patients will receive bloodwork to determine the best course of treatment for their particular type of breast cancer
I’m running out of synonyms for the word “amazing” — but, holy cow — super cool, right?
I guarantee you that gal’s feet and knees are killing them after two days and 26.2 miles — but something tells me that it was worth it. They looked like they had a great time chatting and bonding along the route!
And to the SO’s in their lives who were there to cheer them along when they were getting tired, THANK YOU too! I know they appreciated the treats, coffee and wigs 🙂
You all ROCK in my book. How ’bout we all meet in McKinney in a few weekends and raise a glass to Heidi and Neal? Can’t wait to see you fools then! xoxo

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My Cousin is Gettin’ Hitched!

My cousin Neal recently proposed to his AMAZE girlfriend Heidi! They were vacationing in India when he popped the question. How romantic! Way to go Neal!

We are so excited to welcome Heidi to the fam. She is so great! So great, in fact, that she decided to join my other cousins for the Houston Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in a few short weeks (April 20-21). Since she is a late entry, she still needs to raise her $1800 in donations in order to participate in the walk. If she’s unable to hit that mark, she can’t walk 😦

If you are able — please help support Heidi & Avon. I love that she jumped right in and wants to do this to support me and raise awareness about BC — such a good egg. It’s for a good cause and every little bit helps!

Here is the link to Heidi’s fundraising page.

The adorable couple

The adorable couple

World’s Best Family – Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Just when I thought I was nearing the end of my rope — I got a call last night from my cousins Sonal, Shilpa and Ruchi. We all shot the breeze for a little while — I updated them on the hospital stay and upcoming tests etc. Then they surprised me with the best gift ever….

The three of them have banded together and are walking in the 2013 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (in Houston) in my honor! Makes you want to cry right? They want to support me and raise awareness about BC. I’m so lucky to have such amazing and inspirational women in my family!

It doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty sassy too! Their team name is “Breast Foot Forward Andrea!” hahahahaha LOVES IT! These crazy gals will be walking 26.2 miles over two days (wha? I would never be able to do that — just sayin’) and have already raised over $6000 in donations. If you’re interested in learning more or helping support the team through donation here’s the link Breast Foot Forward Andrea. They each have their own page you can click through to and read about their thoughts on the walk and BC generally — super interesting and sweet.

Thank you cousins, I love you very much and you just refilled my cup and gave me the energy and motivation to carry on another day!

Yesterday was truly a day of amazing surprises, in addition to learning about my cousins and the Avon walk, Valerie, our friend and dog walker, snuck Lucy into the hospital for a visit. YAY! Below is the one pic I took (I was too busy smothering and kissing her to bother with pictures). Paul got a bunch of funny pics of Lucy and I though — maybe he’ll add them to his next post……

Finally, my friend Mike stopped by yesterday. He was at CPMC for pre-op meetings. He was recently diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and is having his kidney removed today. I am praying that his surgery is uneventful and that he easily kicks cancer to the curb. Assuming I don’t get discharged later today (I’d say I have a 50/50 chance of going home today), I’m going to go and try to visit him and make him laugh at cancer! Everybody out there, please keep Mike in your thoughts/prayers today.

My bronchoscopy is this morning at 11. Paul is on a panel for work — which I insisted he not cancel on — so he will be heading out of here shortly to go to that and my brother Bobby will be heading up to keep me company. Oh, speaking of amazing family, Bobby has come to the hospital for hours upon hours each and every single day that we’ve been here. I know it can’t be fun to sit in a cramped room on an uncomfortable chair for hours — but he does it with a smile. I think it also helps to keep Paul sane because they can talk shop and golf etc. Thank you Bob, you are one spectacular brother!

OK, that’s it for this particular dispatch, Going to go watch some episodes of Revenge to distract myself from the fact that I can’t eat or drink anything until after my procedure. ugh….