Keepin’ it Real

This week was filled with PT appointments and meals with friends. I basically do one major activity a day and that’s about all I can handle. My body has been really fatigued and my mind has been displaying serious ‘chemo brain’ lately.  I just get really tired, really easily and I can’t remember basic things — like simple words or my To-Do list, for example.  I’m sure chemo brain will become very frustrating — but right now it’s kind of funny because I’m normally the one who is on top of everything  in our house. So the fact that I’m letting a ton of stuff slide and/or forgetting to do stuff is comical to Paul. He likes to have a go at me about it all.  But then I’m sure, in his quiet moments, it nags at him. Because the fact that I am so forgetful is just another reminder that I have cancer. That I’m human and that chemo is taking it’s toll on me. And if he doesn’t think that way, I assure you, after we’re done laughing about it together and making light of it, I think about it — and it makes me really sad.

But on to happier things.

This week, my major activity has been EATING! We spent Easter Sunday with Shadin and her family in Los Altos. It was an amazing day filled with friends and fond food memories.  Shadin, I’m so happy your family embraces us as their own. I heart your parents so much. My dad would be so envious of your dad’s fruit trees because they actually produce fruit! Next time the ‘rents are in town, we must all get together!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Monday I met Kim at Presidio Social Club. It was my first time there and I loved it. Monday evening I had my S&D gals over for pizza and a game of Cards Against Humanity. According to Jackie, I cackle like a crazy person during that game!

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Wednesday’s lunch with Darren was heavenly — except for the part where she said she’s sick to death of my “damn purple hat.”  Almost a direct quote: “Andrea. I have to say, you look great! You really do. But why are you always wearing that damn purple hat? I mean it. Come on, you don’t have any other hats you can wear?”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Leave it to Darren (who, BTW is my mama bear from my Bingham days) to not mince words. I can’t tell you how much more appalled she was to learn that that purple hat isn’t even a hat. Nope — it’s the ‘ole neck warmer! In all seriousness, I wear it because it’s soft and warm on my head, plus it has the added bonus of having built-in ventilation because it’s a neck warmer and not a hat. These damn hot flashes are really too much.  I can whip it off if the hot flash is really bad, or sweat it out with my ventilation if it’s only a baby-size hot flash. See?! There’s a method to my madness!

In any event, in honor of my friend Darren, at Thursday’s lunch with Tegan, I put the purple hat to rest for a spell and wore the Hermes my brother Chuck picked up for me on a recent trip to Paris.

At that lunch I got to meet Bennett, Tegan’s baby boy. He hung with me for awhile — until he got that “I’m-about-to-cry-and-it’s-your-fault- strange-lady-who-doesn’t-smell-like-milk-jugs” face — that’s when I handed him back to Tegan! Isn’t he the cutest little man you’ve ever seen?

I’ll admit that I wore the scarf through lunch and then, as soon as Tegan, Bennett and I were all in an elevator together, I whipped the scarf off and replaced it with my trusty purple neck warmer! Wha? My head was cold. I needed the fleece against it! lol. What can I say? I’m a creature of comfort! Baby steps!

No, but seriously, now that I have a little bit of fuzzy hair on my head, it’s so much easier to wear a silk scarf for any length of time — so SF keep an eye out for me — in my blazers, pearls and Hermes 🙂 I’m sure I’ll make my Junior League sisters proud!

Darren — I hope I made you proud and THANK YOU for calling me out on my cancer fashion faux pas. I truly appreciate it. Because I can’t control much these days, so it was nice to be gently (and for those of you who also know Darren, you know I’m being totally facetious when I say “gently”) reminded that I CAN control my appearance!

In other news, I’ve noticed that I’ve been marking time in BC, DC, and PC. BC = Before Cancer, DC = During Cancer and PC = Post Cancer.  I could write a big long post on this phenomenon, but let me save that for another day.  I’ll leave you with this. A new episode of Scandal will be on again in three weeks — 4/25 — at which point I’ll still be DC, but very close to PC, with only 3 more chemo’s to go.

I’ll confess that I’m officially allowing myself to count DOWN my chemo’s.  This coming Tuesday I’ll have 6 more weeks to go. This is only a whisper because I don’t want to jinx anything, so ssshhhhhh…… the chemo finish line is in sight….