Join the Club

In life, there are lots of clubs. I distinctly remember realizing this when I first got engaged. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me. All my engaged and married friends poured out of the wood works to welcome me, offer sage advise and celebrate me, their newest member! I’m guessing it’s the same when you get pregnant as well, though life hasn’t taken me there yet…

I’m here to report that it’s most definitely the same for cancer. I’ve officially joined the club that nobody wants to be in. We’re like the homely/ugly sorority!

Fortunately, my new club is full of loving, supportive, strong, incredible and inspiring women. As much as the big c sux ass, I suspect that many of the women I’ve met over the past 7 months will remain lifelong friends and I look forward to celebrating all of our future wins together — like sisters, like warriors, like family. Because that’s what we are now, we are family, bonded not by blood, but by this disease. But does it really matter how we’re bonded, so long as we’re bonded?

Nope, it doesn’t. I’m sad and happy to have so many new sisters.