It’s that time again

I go to see Garrett for my three month check-up today. It seems like a lifetime ago that I sat in his office after having backslid a lot in my recovery.

Since that time in December, I’ve really gotten my act together. Completed the Mark Hyman 6 week cleanse (and continue to live by most of the tenets of the cleanse). Lost 14 pounds. ┬áRebuilt my stamina and endurance at the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a ways to go. For example, I’m currently clocking an 18 minute mile. lol. But that’s a hell of a lot better than before. And my heart doesn’t race anymore. So I’m winning in my book!

Hopefully my tumor markers will come back in range and I’ll continue with this new, wonderful life of NED.

In other news, I recently came across this picture of me from my senior year in high school (check out those eyebrows!)


I’m guessing that if I didn’t get chemo curls, my hair would be approaching that length by now. But alas, I got the curls — and am embracing them!

Happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter to you!




My! What nice skin you have

Sorry its been awhile since my last post. Paul and I are still on the east coast enjoying ourselves. It’s been a whirlwind trip filled with family, fun, babies, food, IPO’s and southern hospitality.

I had to take a minute out of our vacation to blog about my latest post-chemo observation…

It’s official, people who meet me today have no idea I had cancer and went through chemo. Nope. Perfect strangers just give me a once over, take in my crazy-town hair, and smile and say “wow, you have such great skin!”

You see, it’s the only polite thing they can think to say in light of my currently-very-pudgy-frame-and-beyond-tragic-hair/fro.

My chemo curls are like a rats nest atop my head. Remember I used semi-permanent hair color a few weeks ago? Well that’s washing out and, sadly, my gray hair looks brassy blonde — almost gold. It is so fugly! Oh! And my skin isn’t looking good at all. The east coast heat, humidity and bugs are doing a number on my delicate San Francisco skin!

I guess at the end of the day, I prefer the kind lies of a stranger than the cold hard truth. It’s just those first few seconds when I watch their eyes take me in and try to figure out what to say next that are sad! Oh well, it is what it is. I’ll go eat my blues away–diet starts AFTER vacation ends!!

PS – for the full effect, you have to read the title of this post like you’re reading Little Red Riding Hood.